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Radio Birdman - Descent Into The Maelstrom (DVD - $30.00)

Uncompromising, driven, high energy rock'n'roll. In 1974 Radio Birdman created a new music in Australia and changed the landscape forever.

Kicked out and shut down, they started their own venue, attracting a cult-like following. The true story of Radio Birdman from their first empty gigs to the notorious "Van of Hate" and bitter break up in England. But Radio Birdman persevere, reuniting years later, their intensity undimmed. For anyone who is interested in how bands work, or don't work at times, this is essential viewing.
Johnny Casino - Trade Winds (CD - $22.00) - OUT NOW
Following up from the 2017 release Time and Time Again, Johnny Casino has completed a new album - Trade Winds.

This album conjures images and reflections of the days, people and places in Johnny's space and time. There is no fiction to be found here and if you know Johnny's records that would not surprise you.

Vinyl is available direct from Johnny - follow this link
Johnny Casino - Time and Time Again (CD - $22.00)
Not officially released in Australia at the time, you might be interested in Johnny's last album - Time and Time Again.

We have both signed and non signed copies.
(autographed copy)
Radio Birdman - CD Box Set (4 x Double CD set - $90.00)
Following the cinematic release of Descent into the Maelstrom - The Radio Birdman Documentary, renewed interest has become so high that a repress has been undertaken. Box contents as standalone releases are still available.

The outer box now has a red background to distinguish it from the original Box that had a black background. It still contains the 40 page booklet.
The Stems - At First Sight Violets Are Blue (CD - $22.00 / LP - $28.00)
To coincide with The Stem's 30th anniversary tour celebrating the release of their 1987 debut album At First Sight Violets Are Blue, Citadel Records have reissued this long deleted title as a limited 'anniversary edition' digipak CD and LP.
Dom Mariani & Majestic Kelp - Hi Seas (CD - $22.00)
Catch the dreamy grooves and surf-tastic tunes of Dom Mariani's Majestic Kelp. Hi Seas is the band's fourth album and if you liked the previous releases this won't let you down.

We only have autographed copies!
The On and Ons - Welcome Aboard (CD - $22.00 / LP $30.00)
This second album from the Sydney based pop/rock act is best described as powerpop. It features 13 songs that follow and expand upon the guitar-driven and harmony drenched sound of 2015's debut It's The On and Ons Calling. The band's musical pedigree includes Hoodoo Gurus, Screaming Tribesmen, Paul Collins Beat and The Barbarellas. The LP comes with a download card.
(autographed CD)
(autographed LP)
The Volcanics - Oh Crash.... (CD - $22.00 / LP - $25.00)
No hype - just stripped down rock n roll at its best. Perth's Volcanics are back with their fourth studio album. Their sound is their own brand of raw and explosive rock, now notably bolstered by the addition of a second guitarist.

Oh Crash...., like its predecessors Get A Move On and Transmission has been produced by Radio Birdman's Rob Younger.
Jim Dickson- Coelum Versus (CD - $22.00)
Not an immediately recognizable name perhaps, but Jim has been a long time contributor to the Australian and international Indie music scene. His career as a bass player has spanned 40 years from the early days of 70's punk in Brisbane with the Survivors to most recently touring the world as a member of Radio Birdman.
(autographed copy)
Deniz Tek - Mean Old Twister (CD - $22.00)
Deniz's latest solo album, the twelve track Mean Old Twister will be released by Citadel Records on September 30th. This highly anticipated follow-on to 2013's acclaimed Detroit again features Deniz's vocals and signature guitar work.


Radio Birdman
Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Double CD - LP)
Radios Appear (CD / LP)
Radio Birdman
Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Double CD)
Radios Appear (CD)
Radio Birdman
Radio Birdman - Living Eyes (Double CD - $22.00)
Living Eyes
Radio Birdman
Radio Birdman - Live at Paddington Town Hall '77 (Double CD / LP)
Live at Paddington Town Hall '77
Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Aust. Version - Double CD - $22.00 / LP - $30.00)  more information: CDLP
The band's first full length album. This reissue contains the studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing the Burn My Eye EP and 8 studio outtakes mixed from original 2" masters.

Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (US Version - Double CD - $22.00)     more information
The US version. The original Australian album was 'updated' with new versions of some songs, the remixing of others and the addition of new songs. This reissue contains the studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing 12 tracks of outtakes, demos and alternate arrangements mixed from original 2" masters.

Radio Birdman - Living Eyes (Double CD - $22.00)   more information
Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales during 1978. This reissue contains the original Rockfield studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing 20 tracks that include the Red Eye remixed 2005 release of Living Eyes, several Rockfield outtakes and three track off the 1989 12" EP More Fun!

Radio Birdman - Live at Paddington Town Hall '77 (2 x CD - $22.00 / 2 x LP - $42.00)  more info: CDLP
This 19 track release engenders a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall (Sydney Australia) in December 1977. Mixed from master tapes that languished forgotten for decades, this is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band's true primal energy perhaps in a way that other recordings haven't. The bonus DVD (all regions/PAL) contains 6 clips of variable qualtity.
The On and Ons
The On and Ons - Calling (CD)
It's The On and Ons Calling (CD)
The Volcanics
The Volcanics - Transmission (CD)
Transmission (CD/LP)
DM3 - The Best Of (LP - $25.00)
The Best Of (LP)
Orange Humble Band
Orange Humble Band - Depressing Beauty (CD)
Depressing Beauty
The On and Ons - It's The On and Ons Calling (CD - $22.00)   more information
Produced and engineered by legendary Australian guitarist Dennis Wilson of Khavas Jute fame, It's The On And Ons Calling consists of 11 songs that are pure rock/power pop in essence. Just what you might hope for; great tunes based on exceptional harmonies and classic instrumentation.

The Volcanics - Transmission (CD - $22.00 / LP $30.00)    more information  CD LP
The Volcanics formed in Perth's back blocks with a purpose of playing stripped down rock 'n' roll with no hype attached. Inspired by great Perth bands like The Victims and The Scientists, as well as the classic rock sounds of The Stooges, MC5 and AC/DC, The Volcanics have concocted their own brand of white hot, fuel injected rock 'n' roll.

DM3 - The Best Of (LP - $25.00)     more information
This was specifically manufactured for sales during the band's 2013 European dates but of course fills a wider function. This is a wonderful album and jammed packed with the band's best know and most loved tracks. Vinyl only - no CD version currently available.

Orange Humble Band - Depressing Beauty (CD - $25.00)   more information
It's been a long wait but Darryl Mather has put it together again. If Assorted Creams and Humblin' Across America were your kettle of fish you are going to love this. Featuring an all star cast of session players whose pedigree includes The Posies and Big Star this could well be the release of the year! Ornate specialised packaging and individually numbered!
Hard-Ons - Dickcheese (Double CD - $25.00)
Hard-Ons - Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts (Double CD - $25.00)
Love Is A Battlefield
Hard-Ons - Yummy (Double CD - $25.00)
Hard-Ons - Too Far Gone (Double CD - $25.00)
Too Far Gone
Hard-Ons - Dickcheese (Double CD - $25.00)     more information
Finally, Dickcheese is available again. This masterpiece has been remastered and expanded lovingly by the band members, into a 2CD deluxe tour-de-force. Included are the extensive liner-notes, restored original art and previously unpublished photographs from personal archives.

Hard-Ons - Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts (Double CD - $25.00)   more information
The third release in the Decade of Rock series, Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts is a sublime power-pop and punk masterpiece of an album. Clocking in at just around half-an-hour, the original LP was a concise exercise in explosive rock 'n' roll...

Hard-Ons - Yummy (Double CD - $25.00)   more information
Yummy is a fascinating and exhaustive look at the greatest underground Australian punk band of the 80's entering the 90's fighting their way out of the burden of expectation, with renewed sophistication. Number four in a series of five early years compiles.

Hard-Ons - Too Far Gone (Double CD - $25.00)     more information
The Hard-Ons' recorded output had always been wildly eclectic and adventurous. They go over the edge with Too Far Gone. Too far gone indeed. Essential and timeless listening for all fans of underground Australian music ... punk, pop, or otherwise.
Hard-Ons - Peel Me Like A Egg (CD - $20.00)
Peel Me Like A Egg (CD/LP)
Psychotic Turnbuckles
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Destroy Dull City (2 x CD - $25.00)
Destroy Dull City
Datura4 - Demon Blues (CD - $22.00)
Demon Blues (CD/LP)
Datura4 - Hairy Mountain (CD - $22.00 / LP - $34.00)
Hairy Mountain (CD/LP)
Hard-Ons - Peel Me Like A Egg (CD - $20.00 / LP - $25.00)     CD informationLP information
A staggering 30 years after their inaugural live concert at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo, Sydney, the Hard-Ons have delivered to the world a mesmerising document of their current incarnation. Witness: Peel Me Like A Egg.

Psychotic Turnbuckles - Destroy Dull City (2 x CD - $25.00)     more information
The package contains the Destroy Dull City EP, the Beyond The Flipout LP, out-takes, rarities, A and B sides from every single released plus two exclusive live tracks from the band's triumphant return to Sydney in December 2012. Generously illustrated liner notes from a host of luminaries including original manager Mark Fraser and noted underground journalist Steve Danno round off a deluxe release.

Datura4 - Demon Blues (CD - $22.00 / LP $34.00)     CD informationLP information
Hailing from Fremantle (WA) Datura4 is the brainchild of legendary Australian Stems / DM3 frontman Dom Mariani and former You Am I guitarist Greg Hitchcock. A healthy nod to late 60's, early '70's Australian Psych/Blues/Boogie from the likes of Coloured Balls, The Aztecs and latter era Masters Apprentices.

Datura4 - Hairy Mountain (CD - $22.00 / LP - $34.00)     CD informationLP information
Second album from Fremantle's Dom Mariani and Greg Hitchcock
New Christs
New Christs - Incantations (CD - $22.00 / LP - $28.00)
Incantations (CD/LP)
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Down On The Farm (12
Down On The Farm (EP)
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)
Go The Hack (CD/LP)
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn (CD - $22.00 / LP - $30.00)
Cum The Raw Prawn (CD/LP)
New Christs - Incantations (CD - $22.00 / LP - $28.00)     CD informationLP information
Recorded by Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) in his Sydney studio and mixed at Alberts Studios by Wayne Connolly, Incantations highlights the band's diverse song-writing talents while maintaining the high-energy performance they have become known for across their three-decade long history. The LP version comes with a free download coupon.

Cosmic Psychos - Down On The Farm (12" Vinyl EP - $25.00)     more information
Legendary Aussie punk/psych debut EP from 1985. Remastered and includes a download card.

Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)     CD informationLP information
Legendary Aussie punk/psych 1989 second full length album remastered and reissued. The LP version includes a download card.

Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn (CD - $22.00 / LP - $30.00)   CD information LP information
Brand new studio album for 2015 from this legendary crew of punk-rock yobbos. Ross, Macka and Dean deliver an A-grade selection of foul-mouthed pub-rock slobber with Cum The Raw Prawn. LPs are on 'beer' coloured vinyl. The CDs come with a bonus beer coaster...
Deniz Tek
Deniz Tek - Detroit (CD - $22.00)
Shy Impostors
Shy Impostors (CD - $18.00)
Shy Impostors
The Volcanics
The Volcanics - Get A Move On (CD - $22.00)
Get A Move On
Nunchukka Superfly
Nunchukka Superfly - Open Your Eyes To Smoke (CD - $20.00 / LP - $25.00)
Open Your Eyes To Smoke (CD/LP)
Deniz Tek - Detroit (CD - $22.00)     more information
The long awaited release of Detroit, Deniz Tek's first solo album in more than 10 years. Apart from luminous flashes of keyboards and harmonica, Detroit is at its heart, a guitar album, with Tek's vocals and signature guitar playing set against a rock solid rhythm section of veteran musicians.

Shy Impostors - Shy Impostors (CD - $18.00)     more information
From September 1979 to June 1980, Shy Impostors shook up Sydney's inner city live music scene. They left behind one single, At The Barrier / Seein' Double, posthumously released late in 1980 on Sydney's Phantom label. 2016 has seen the single and five other original tracks mixed from original master tapes. Long overdue, this release gives us yet another intriguing insight into the formative years of Sydney's post Radio Birdman indie music explosion.

The Volcanics - Get A Move On (CD - $22.00)     more information
One of Perth undiscovered wonders, The Volcanics have been producing their own brand of high quality dirty rock'n'roll for years. Produced by Australian rock icon Rob Younger (Radio Birdman / New Christs) and mixed by legendary producer Wayne Connolly, Get A Move On is big, brassy and bold...

Nunchukka Superfly - Open Your Eyes To Smoke (CD - $20.00 / LP - $25.00)   CD information LP information
To say that the Hard-Ons are an Australian underground rock institution would be an understatement. But did you know that Ray and Blackie, the two mainstays of that said band, have an equally compelling musical troupe in their repertoire? We will supply a free digital download with the LP.