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Sony Sampler
Label: Sony (Australia)
Catalogue No: (SAMP488)
Format: CD EP (jewel case)
Released: 1991
Price: $ 12.00
Died Pretty - Sony Sampler
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When the band signed worldwide to Sony/Columbia in Australia, the company thought it needed some sort of internal introduction to the band for its employees. They put this sampler together as a quick representation of the group. It's only five tracks - a company representative said any more might strain the attention span of the average Sony employee.
Tracklisting: (20:55 m:s)
  1. Godbless (J Hoey / R Peno) (3:28 m:s)
  2. Sweetheart (B Myers / R Peno) (4:10 m:s)
  3. Everybody Moves (B Myers / R Peno) (4:46 m:s)
  4. Winterland (B Myers / R Peno) (4:22 m:s)
  5. Out Of The Unknown (B Myers / R Peno) (4:09 m:s)
The Musicians
Ronald S Peno - Lead Vocals  •  Brett Myers - Guitar & Backing Vocals  •  John Hoey - Keyboards on tracks 1 - 2  •  Frank Brunetti Keyboards on tracks 3 - 5  •  Steve Clark - Bass on tracks 1 - 3  •  Mark Lock - Bass on track 4  •  Jonathan Lickliter - Bass on track 5  •  Chris Welsh - Drums & Percussion on tracks 1 - 4  •  Colin Barwick - Drums on track 5
Of Interest
The packaging is very nice. They used grabs from the Sweetheart video for the graphics and added a history which at that point was comprehensive. There was also a sampler made by Columbia US which apparently contains 12 songs although it's never been sighted here.