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Shell Collection
Label: Off The Hip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7029)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2006
Price: $ 25.00
Dom Mariani - Shell Collection
Associated:    Dom Mariani (Solo): Various   DM3:  Various Releases   DomNicks: Various   Majestic Kelp: Various   Stems: Various
Dom Mariani needs no introduction to anyone with an interest in honest Australian music thru the past 20 years. Having fronted such first class acts as The Stems, The Someloves and DM3, Dom's name is synonymous with high quality guitar based pop/rock. Shell Collection contains 14 cuts that've never appeared on any of his long players, including 2 exclusive songs and most tracks appearing on CD for the first time. This CD compilation will complete your Dom Mariani collection.
Tracklisting: (45:33 m:s)
  1. I Never Thought I'd Find (N Fernandes / R Porrit) (3:06 m:s) (Freshwater 7" single)
  2. Pussycat (D Mariani) (2:00 m:s) (Freshwater 7" single)
  3. Caroline, No (B Wilson / T Asher) (3:14 m:s) (From the Smiling Pets tribute with DM3)
  4. When It Ends (D Mariani) (3:24 m:s) (Previously unreleased Homespun outtake)
  5. The Golden Ones (D Mariani) (3:24 m:s) (Freshwater 7" single with Majestic Kelp)
  6. Too Late (G Klebe) (2:29 m:s) (From Shoe Fetish tribute to The Shoes with DM3)
  7. Snapshot (D Mariani) (3:00 m:s) (Freshwater 7" with DM3)
  8. Real Friend (D Mariani) (3:26 m:s) (Pop The Balloon 7" single)
  9. Always Wrong (N Fernandes / D Mariani / R Scorer / H Shawcross) (4:11 m:s) (Freshwater 7" single)
  10. You Don't Care (D Mariani) (3:05 m:s) (Rippled Soul Spanish version bonus track with DM3)
  11. Green Eyed Monster (D Mariani) (3:08 m:s) (From 5 Greasy Pieces '96 tour EP with DM3)
  12. Fame (D Mariani) (3:36 m:s) (From 5 Greasy Pieces '96 tour EP with DM3)
  13. Fireplace (D Mariani) (3:35 m:s) (From Planet of the Popboomerang compilation)
  14. Jenny (D Mariani) (3:55 m:s) (Pop The Balloon 7" single)