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Cash Converters Session
Label: Cool Bananas (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CB012)
Format: 12" Vinyl Mini-LP
Released: June 2020
Price: $ 38.00
Hard-Ons - Cash Converters Session
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The Hard-ons wanted to pay homage to the idea that the magic resides in our souls, not inside expensive equipment, and this led to a wild chase through the suburbs of the Illawarra, Sydney and the Hunter in NSW.

With a combined budget of $900.00 the Hard-ons purchased at various Cash Converters hock outlets, a complete backline and a guitar and a bass, and accessories such as pedals – everything you need to play the songs – and entered Parliament Studio with producer Lachlan Mitchell, at the end of 2018.

The Hard-ons were to hide behind no expensive backline or instruments.

They were to wring every ounce of magic from their souls in that session, with the absolute cheap rubbish they’d purchased.

The result is a magnificent four-track 12” mini-LP, spinning wildly and loudly at 45RPM. “Old School” as they may say.

This release bristles with a vast amount of both power and melody.

300 were printed in all. The band decided to keep ten for themselves, and there are 290 for sale. It is already a legendary collector's item and has positioned itself in the ever-growing Hard-ons' folk-lore.
Side 1
  1. Trouble With Authority
  2. Sneaky Sandwich

Side 2
  1. I'm The Newspaper You're The Match
  2. What Colour Handkie!?