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Living With You Is Killing Me
Label: Mere Noise (Australia)
Catalogue No: (MNR011)
Format: CD (cardboard sleeve)
Released: December 2009
Price: $ 22.00
Hits - Living With You Is Killing Me
Living With You Is Killing Me is the debut album from Hits, and its available NOW for grubby little hands around the country!

While some acts seek to represent a generation, Hits are agents of degeneration. Living With You Is Killing Me is a compilation of all the thoughts, all the sounds and all the drinks that your average pilgrim can find in the gutters and backstreets of Brisbane. This is not an offering for polite society. It is not a record for the helpless. It is a prayer for the hopeful, a work of liquor and succor drafted by our dirtiest garage prophets.

Hits have come down from the mountain to save souls and defile sensibilities. With or without consent.

Hits have played alongside stalwarts like The Scientists, The Drones, The Lime Spiders and The Dirtbombs. The band itself is comprised of members of other such unsavouries Strutter, Gazoonga Attack, Butcher Birds, Aampirellas, Drowning Kittens and Disables. Their live show has seen them up and down the East coast, playing everything from Brisbane's smallest dives to its grander, virgin venues.
  1. Fuck The Needy (4:15 m:s)
  2. Living With You Is Killing Me (4:03 m:s)
  3. Sometimes You Just Don't Know Who Your Friends Are (4:30 m:s)
  4. Touch Of The Shorts (2:49 m:s)
  5. Never Sing A Song Again (4:34 m:s)
  6. Crackpipe (3:01 m:s)
  7. Had To Come To This (3:44 m:s)
  8. Peter And Paul (4:08 m:s)
  9. The Night Before (3:21 m:s)
  10. The End (5:19 m:s)