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Label: Offthehip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7131)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: July2014
Price: $ 25.00
Loose Pills - Rx
Loose Pills are a band that HAD to happen. Each of the members has previously shared separate bands with two of the other members, and three of the four spent a month crammed together into a van on a fun-filled adventure touring around Spain some years back. They boast impeccable power pop credentials, having done time individually and together in the Orange Humble Band, Lemonheads, Scruffs and Pyramidiacs among others - and past stints in The Eastern Dark, New Christs and Happy Hate Me Nots mean they also know how to rock hard.

In fact, while "power pop" is not an inaccurate description of their sound, it doesn't quite do justice to the racket they can dish up. While Ryan Ellsmore's songs are rooted in classic pop structures, when coupled with Matt Galvin's tasteful but insistent (and above all, LOUD!) guitars, Bill Gibson's rock-solid bass lines, and Stu Wilson's thumping, propulsive drumming, they become virtually impossible to ignore. Once intended for an Ellsmore solo album, previous recordings of the songs on the debut album Rx were scrapped when it became obvious to all involved that the synergy of this lineup brought something special to the table. Loose Pills' sound lies somewhere midway between power pop and heavy rock, and as such, represents the vanguard of a genre they choose to call Heavy Pop - more than just the sum of its parts!

Rx (in medical shorthand, it's written at the top of a prescription and means "take this") covers all the bases, from straightforward pop with harmonies (Don't Want It, The Mess For Me) to hard-edged almost-electronic grind (The Walls) and even spaghetti western influenced guitar virtuosity (the epic Get Drunk, Play Records). Eighteen months in the making, Rx is going to be your new favourite album.

Go on....take this!
  1. The Mess For Me
  2. The Boy Mechanic
  3. Dragged Down
  4. Nail
  5. This City
  6. Please
  7. Not The Driver
  8. Get Drunk, Play Records
  9. Stop
  10. I Don't Want It
  11. Walls