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Smashed On A Knee
Label: Desperate (Australia)
Catalogue No: (DEFCON1)
Format: Vinyl LP - download card included
Released: 2014
Price: $ 24.00
Powder Monkeys - Smashed On A Knee
Associated Releases:   Smashed On A Knee CD Version
The classic 1993 debut from these Aussie rock'n'roll giants, remastered and sounding better than ever. Features a download card with the full album plus three bonus tracks and an insert with photos and liner notes.

The Powder Monkeys were one of the shining lights of Australian rock & roll in the 1990s, and for a brief moment were tipped to break it big in the US when they signed to Rick Rubin's Onion label, but unfortunately nothing concrete came of that deal. They released two albums on the renowned Melbourne-based Dog Meat in the '90s, then one on the Swedish House Of Kicks label later that decade (they toured Europe with The Hellacopters and the MC5's Wayne Kramer), as well as a couple of EPs and live discs on various labels.

Their recording history starts with 1993's Smashed On A Knee. The Powder Monkeys were formed in 1991, originally as a 5-piece, and featured members John Nolan (ex-Bored!) and Tim Hemensley (ex-GOD, Bored!) throughout their whole lifespan ('91-2003). Their sound was a dynamic combination of Detroit rock & roll (Stooges/MC5), '70s Aussie hard rock (Coloured Balls/Aztecs/Rose Tattoo), American punk (Dictators/Black Flag) and the bass-heavy roar of prime Motorhead. As an organic musical unit, they were a force of nature.

This special edition of their debut album has been newly remastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current/Total Control), giving it the definition and punch the original unfortunately lacked, as well as three fantastic bonus cuts: a rare version of Isaac Hayes' I Thank You (played ZZ Top/Motorhead-style), as well as markedly different versions of album tracks, Another Nite In Hell and Atomic Resolution. The insert also features rare/unseen photos, flyers and essays from Mike Mariconda, David Laing (of Dog Meat Records) and Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek

The Powder Monkeys were rightly considered one of the best Australian bands of their era, and now you get to hear and enjoy them once again, sounding better than ever.
Side 1
  1. Another Nite In Hell
  2. I Stand Bare
  3. Persecution Blues
  4. Yin Yang
  5. Bruised Battered And Bloodshot

Side 2
  1. Atomic Resolution
  2. Crank Me Up
  3. Ugly
  4. Valediction
  5. I Thank You
  6. Another Nite In Hell (live)
  7. Atomic Resolution (live)