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Morning Of The Earth
Label: Remote (Australia)
Catalogue No: (REMOTE102)
Format: CD (digipak)
Released: 2012
Price: $ 22.00
Various Artists - Morning Of The Earth
Associated Release: Morning Of The Earth (Double DVD)
This new 40th Anniversary edition supersedes and updates all now previous releases in several key areas.

At the behest of both the original performers on the record and also hardcore fans, this edition restores the original running order of the 1972 soundtrack album and places the 4 bonus tracks from the film missing from the original LP at the tail of the CD.

All audio has been digitally remastered making this edition the best sounding version of this iconic album in the digital age.

Presented in a handsome digipak, this 40th Anniversary edition also replicates the iconic original LP cover. The booklet and liner notes have also been updated and expanded with an essay from Toby Creswell and photos unique to this edition.
  1. Morning Of The Earth - G. Wayne Thomas
  2. I'll Be Alright - Terry Hannagan
  3. First Things First - Taman Shud
  4. Sure Feels Good - Brian Cadd
  5. Open Up Your Heart - G. Wayne Thomas
  6. Simple Ben - John J. Francis
  7. Bali Waters - Taman Shud
  8. Making It On Your Own - Brian Cadd
  9. Day Comes - G. Wayne Thomas
  10. Sea That Swells - Taman Shud
  11. I'm Alive - Pete Howe
  12. Come With Me - Brian Cadd
  13. Awake - Ticket
  14. Getting Back - G. Wayne Thomas
  15. Dream Chant - Ticket
  16. Ullawatu - Pete Howe
Tracks 13-16 are bonus tracks from the movie