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Label: Aztec Music (Australia)
Catalogue No: (AVSCD059)
Format: CD (digipak)
Released: October 2011
Price: $ 28.00
X - X-Spurts
"In the beginning we turned our backs to the sun and disappeared into the bowels of Steve Caferio's basement to start rehearsing what would become, to us at least, X Music. Our very own take on Rock 'n' Roll.

Someone once said that X hit the stage like a pack of wounded derro's; a phrase that always stuck in my head. We were wounded alright, but not half as much as our audience at that time - young punks mutilating themselves to show their twisted devotion. Riots, chairs thrown through windows and smashed glass that covered the floor like several inches of snow were left in our wake. Somewhere amongst the chaos Irish John (the fellow that introduced Steve Caferio to Ian Rilen) also had a friend with a 4-track tape recorder and suggested a demo was in order.

The 4-Track was set up in Irish John's lounge/dining area as I recall, without much fuss. Steve had his beautiful Ludwig drum kit, Ian Krahe had his towering Marshall cabinet plus his nameless amp and Ian Rilen had his formidable 4 hundred watt head amp with a cabinet of 4 x12" speakers and at least 2 x 15' speakers (often he would use 4). I say 2 fifteens in this case because it is possible that I was using the other 2 with a couple of tweeters powered by a 150 watt Leonard amp as a vocal PA/instrument. This was the usual set up for a 'live' gig such as the Unicorn, and I think we would have had the same mentality when it came to recording.

X was wild and unfettered and though this recording is surely low-fi by today's standards, it captures the reality of X as it was. The same line up went into the Film and Television School and recorded a much more 'state of the art' E.P. which though still bursting with chaotic energy some how lacks in comparison with the more innocent and slightly incoherent sounds captured on these earlier takes. To me they are priceless reminders of days long gone and a subculture that we will never know the likes of again."
  Steve Lucas 2011
  1. You Don't Like Me
  2. Infamy
  3. Slash Your Wrists
  4. Runaway
  5. Losing
  6. TV Cabaret Roll
  7. Hey You
  8. Revolution
  9. Degenerate Boy
  10. One More Chance