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Hi Seas
Invisible (Australia)
Catalogue No: (INV008)
Format: CD (digipac)
Released: Feb 2018
Price: $ 22.00
Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp - Hi Seas
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Keeping it fresh as a Fremantle tide, the Kelp's line-up on Hi Seas includes frontman Dom Mariani (guitar) and long time collaborator Stu Loasby (bass), with Steve Mancini (guitar) back in the fold and the genius addition of young guns Luke Dux (guitar and pedal steel) and drummer Todd Pickett.

Hi Seas takes you from the creeping, percussive mystery of The Spider and the Sailor to the mellow seductive mood of Sweet Dee to the full-blown hazy and downright lysergic title track and the up tempo chug of highway ode Freeway Ace.
Tracklisting: (39:00 m:s)
  1. The Spider and the Sailor
  2. Sliver of Gold
  3. Blue Olive
  4. Angel Angeline
  5. Hi Seas
  6. Song for the Boatman
  7. Freeway Ace
  8. Francisco Street
  9. Sweet Dee
  10. Walking on the Ocean