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Dig For Plenty
Label: Off The Hip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7098)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: Dec 2010
Price: $ 25.00
Little Murders - Dig For Plenty
Also from Little Murders:   Stop plus Singles 1978-1986
Little Murders exploded onto the Melbourne music in August 1979 with their debut single Things Will Be Different playing their first gig on the day of release. That record is now revered as a classic Australian power pop indie release. They then proceeded to release a clutch of classic singles before grinding to a halt in 84.

Since then Little Murders have made a number of brief comebacks releasing 100 drugs in 85, the Stop album in 86 and in 1996 releasing their second album ..and Stuff Like That. From then on Little Murders would release an album (1998's First Light and 2001's We Should Be Home By Now) play a few gigs and then slip away again.

However in 2008 a couple of things changed in the Little Murders camp. Firstly they got a call to support "From The Jam" and reconnected to the Mod audience from back in the early Eighties. This lead to regular rehearsals and new songs. Secondly in August 2009 Off The Hip released an anthology of all their early studio recordings Stop Plus Singles. Little Murders went out on the road to support the CD but this time they had a bunch of new songs that fitted seamlessly with the older tracks.

Even before the release of Stop Plus Singles the band had begun recording the new songs at Audrey Studios in Coburg with producer Craig Pilkington (The Killjoys). Initially Mick Barclay (Weddings Parties Anything, Paul Kelly) played drums and sang harmonies and his contributions are integral to the Murders' sound. But with Mick working with so many other bands Little Murders found a permanent drummer in Duncan Hamilton (ex-Holoscene) who also plays and sings on this record.

Dig For Plenty is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of For You Pretty Penny, and Rock Academy to the London jet set swing of Roxy and the bouncy pop delight of Girl What's On Your Mind?. The album is full of simply great Little Murders' tracks. The garage rock groove that is Running Man, the psychedelic rock trip of Velvet (Get Out Of Bed). And more.

"For You is absolutely the most PERFECT drive around Berkeley in my new car tune-- I can't stop listening to it. LOVE it!!!! This new batch, sir--it's blowing my mind" Alex Green - Caught in the Carousel (San Francisco, USA)
Tracklisting: (41:38 m:s)
  1. For You (3:17 m:s)
  2. Pretty Penny (2:58 m:s)
  3. Rock Academy (3:22 m:s)
  4. Roxy (I'm Digging Your Scene) (3:57 m:s)
  5. Solitaire (4:01 m:s)
  6. Girl, What's On Your Mind? (3:04 m:s)
  7. Running Man (4:14 m:s)
  8. One More Chance (3:48 m:s)
  9. Mrs. Walker (3:44 m:s)
  10. Bad News (3:34 m:s)
  11. Velvet (Get Out Of Bed) (5:49 m:s)