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At Home With You
Label: Aztec Music (Australia)
Catalogue No: (AVSCD025)
Format: Double CD (jewel case)
Released: 2007
Price: $ 30.00
X - At Home With You
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The re-release of the classic album At Home With You is a holy grail for lovers of Aussie punk. The album was first released in 1985, and to listen to it today you would think it was recorded in modern times. The second CD is a live set recorded at the Prince Of Wales by the radio station PBS FM. Over the top packaging of course.
Tracklisting: Disc 1 (44:12 m:s)
  1. The Feel (2:23 m:s)
  2. T.V. Glue (4:28 m:s)
  3. Movin' On (3:38 m:s)
  4. Half Way Round The World (3:02 m:s)
  5. You Say That You Love Me (2:06 m:s)
  6. Degenerate Boy (4:31 m:s)
  7. All Over Now (3:27 m:s)
  8. At Home With You (3:00 m:s)
  9. Goin' Crazy (2:34 m:s)
  10. Oxford Street Nick (2:05 m:s)
  11. Don't Cry No Tears (4:32 m:s)
  12. She's Gone (3:11 m:s)
  13. El Salvador (5:15 m:s)

Tracklisting: Disc 2 (Live at the Prince of Wales 1985) (50:23 m:s)
  1. The Feel (2:49 m:s)
  2. Degenerate Boy (5:28 m:s)
  3. Simulated Lovers (3:00 m:s)
  4. Delinquent Cars (2:46 m:s)
  5. Good On Ya Baby (2:59 m:s)
  6. Goin' Crazy (2:46 m:s)
  7. Oxford Street Nick (2:09 m:s)
  8. She's Gone (3:17 m:s)
  9. Waiting (4:27 m:s)
  10. Dipstick (3:20 m:s)
  11. Suck Suck (2:26 m:s)
  12. Half Way Round The World (3:14 m:s)
  13. All Over Now (3:33 m:s)
  14. T.V. Glue (5:57 m:s)
  15. I Don't Wanna Go Out (2:12 m:s)
The legendary X (not to be confused with the US band of the same name) formed in Sydney, Australia in 1977. They recorded their seminal 1980 debut X-Aspirations in one 5 hour session with Lobby Loyde producing. People called X a punk band - and they certainly acted like one - but they were a great meld of Ian Rilen's gut busting bass and pioneering Oz rock stance (as you would expect from a veteran of both Band Of Light and Rose Tattoo) and newcomer Steve Lucas' incredible sandpaper scream.

5 years later Rilen and Lucas recruited drummer Cathy Green (from experimental Canberra band **** **** cough cough) and recorded their classic 2nd. album At Home With You (also produced by Loyde). Green's style fitted X like a glove and helped transform the band into an awesome live act. The songs and production had more depth too - the Hunter's & Collectors' horn section: The Horns Of Contempt contributing to 3 tracks.

A limited edition version of the LP was also released in 1985 (A TV Dinner At Home With X) which contained a T-Shirt and a flexi-disc of the song El Salvador recorded live at The Prince Of Wales in Melbourne on March 13th. 1985 for a live 3PBS radio broadcast. Searching for this track, we happened upon the master tapes for the entire show and quickly decided to expand the release to a double disc! The live tracks are from the desk feed for the radio broadcast and are sufficiently raw and unadorned and are a terrific indicator of the awesome live power of X.