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Eastern Dark - Where Are All The Single Girls?  (CD - $28.00 - eco jewel case)   more info
The complete studio recordings plus more from Australia's seminal mid 80's classic punk/pop band. 18 tracks on CD for the first time include the classic Julie Is A Junkie/Johnny & Dee Dee 7", the Long Live The New Flesh mini-LP, two hard-to-find demos and 9 live recordings of a further nine originals from the Girls On The Beach double 12". Comes with a 40 page booklet.
End - Was The Beginning  (Double CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
Died Pretty's Brett Myers wrote nearly all the music for that band's songs. Before Died Pretty however, he played guitar and sang in his own band, The End. The End only released one single (My Confession/White World) so this double CD set is mainly a collection of demos, live recordings and rehearsals that gives great insight into the musical genesis of Died Pretty. Early versions of Died Pretty tunes Just Skin, This Reason, Through My Heart and Lost are included.
Even - First XV111  (Double CD - $30.00 - jewel swingcase)   more info
One of Australia's most-loved and critically acclaimed rock acts, EVEN, asked its fans to choose their First XVIII from the band's catalogue of six albums, three EPs and a slew of b-sides - a repertoire of over 100 recorded songs. We are stocking the limited edition bonus disc version that comes with an extra 18 tracks. Highly recommended.
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