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Cum The Raw Prawn
Label: Desperate (Australia)
Catalogue No: (DEFCON11CD)
Format: CD (6 panel foldout wallet)
Initially with bonus beer coaster
Released: June 2015
Price: $ 22.00
Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn
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Desperate Records is proud to announce the imminent release of the legendary Cosmic Psychos' brand new studio album, Cum The Raw Prawn. Recorded at the farm of longtime member Ross Knight's farm in Spring Plains, Victoria, it sees the band - Dean Muller (Hoss) on drums, Mad Macka (Onyas) on guitar and, of course, Ross on bass/vocals - tearing their way through 10 awesome cuts of patented 'Psychos yobbofied punk rock.

The band has seen a massive resurgence in popularity and activity in the past 5 years, with the 2013 documentary on the band, Blokes You Can Trust, playing at film festivals around the world and a constant seller on DVD. The band has their cheer squads in the likes of the Melvins, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and L7, but most of all they have their loyal fan base, and Cum The Raw Prawn is something they'll want. You get some killer cuts with the likes of Come And Get Some, Pint Girl, Didn't Wanna Love Me, Ack-Ack and more. The opener, Better, Not Bitter, is truly classic 'Psychos grunt-rock, with its belting chorus, "F**kin' bullsh*t, maaaaate".