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Demon Blues
Label: Alive NaturalSound (US)
Catalogue No: (alive0172-1)
Format: LP (no download card included)
Released: Nov 2016
Datura4 - Demon Blues
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Stems' and DM3 frontman Dom Mariani and former You Am I/ Monarchs guitarist Greg Hitchcock's psychedelic blues outfit DATURA4 have released their debut album Demon Blues, an old school feast of full tilt boogie, psychedelic rock and progressive blues. The title track debuted on Rolling Stone to rave reviews in the US and UK music press.

Industry veterans who are revered by their fans and respected by their peers, Mariani and Hitchcock have been jamming together on and off for years. They finally joined forces in 2011, combining a shared passion for hard-hitting, bell-bottom blues.

Joined by former Drones' and Volcanics' drummer Warren Hall and bassist Stu Loasby, DATURA4 have already built a huge reputation and rock-solid following in their home town of Perth.

The sound gives a healthy nod to Australian 70s influences The Aztecs, Coloured Balls, Aztecs, Buffalo, and later day Masters Apprentices with a blistering originality as you'd expect from two of Australia's most accomplished musos.

"A defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger" Rolling Stone Aust

"Ball-busting Oz proto heavy rock...heartfelt psychedelicised blues-rock for the denim-clad delinquent in us all" Shindig Magazine UK

"A way smokin' slab of psyched 'n' furious jams, powered by amped up to 11 guitars and straight up boogaloo" Vive le Rock UK

"as psyched out, louder-than-sabbath blues goes, this record is out there on its own" Blues magazine UK

"The guitarists drive the songs with sounds that will get your fist pumping while the rhythm section provides every song with a steady groove that you can feel in your gut. If you like fuzzed-out 70s guitar rock, it's pretty safe to say that you'll love this album" The Examiner US
Side 1 (19:54 m:s)
  1. Out With The Tide (D Mariani) (4.28 m:s)
  2. You Ain't No Friend Of Mine (D Mariani) (4:34 m:s)
  3. Another Planet (D Mariani) (5:07 m:s)
  4. The Journey Home (G Hitchcock) (5:45 m:s)

Side 2 (21:27 m:s)
  1. Demon Blues (D Mariani) (5:45 m:s)
  2. Pissing Up The Wall (D Mariani) (4:39 m:s)
  3. Gravedigger Man (D Mariani) (3:56 m:s)
  4. Love To Burn (G Hitchcock) (7:09 m:s)