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Le Bonne Route
Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITCD534)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: September 1996
Price: $ 22.00
Deniz Tek Group - Le Bonne Route
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Le Bonne Route was recorded at the end of 1995 and precipitated Deniz's departure from Red Eye, who concluded they were unable to pick up his option after the recording was completed. The record was immediately snapped up by Citadel. It proved to be a bit of a departure for Deniz and presaged the more radical change found in the following album Equinox.

The cover art features live shots from both Australia and Italy. The inside of the CD booklet has the band in a field somewhere in Tuscany.
Tracklisting: (37:29 m:s)
  1. Imaginary Man (D Tek / K Steedman) (2:06 m:s)
  2. Lunatics At The Edge Of The World (D Tek / N Rieth) (2:20 m:s)
  3. Away From Here (D Tek / K Steedman) (2:53 m:s)
  4. Tubular Dreams (D Tek / K Steedman) (3:01 m:s)
  5. Rabbits' Foot (J Dickson / N Rieth / K Steedman / D Tek) (4:22 m:s)
  6. Clear Itself (D Tek) (3:42 m:s)
  7. Salted Leeches (D Tek) (3:21 m:s)
  8. Saucer Pilot Blues (J Dickson / N Rieth / K Steedman / D Tek) (2:28 m:s)
  9. Ze Good Way (D Tek / K Steedman) (2:48 m:s)
  10. Dave's Insanity (D Tek / K Steedman) (2:31 m:s)
  11. VMO (J Dickson / N Rieth / K Steedman / D Tek) (7:57 m:s)
The Musicians
Deniz Tek - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica  •  Kent Steedman - Guitar, Vocals  •  Jim Dickson - Bass, Vocals  •  Nik Rieth - Drums, Percussion, Vocals with Clay Green - Percussion
Technical Details
Produced by Deniz Tek, Kent Steedman and Dave Weyer  •  Engineered by Dave Weyer  •  Recorded at David Weyer Systems Billings, Montana, 1995
Deniz wrote this track by track description
Imaginary Man:
Fast traditional Stooge-based rocker with a syncopated, key shifted middle 8. Chief feature: dual power chording. Lyrics metaphorically describe mans' imprisonment within himself, and his inability to know even the interior of the prison.
Lunatics at the Edge of the World:
Ode to Syd Barrett and Roky Erikson featuring Mallard-like drum based instrumental verses and heavy power chorded verses. Outstanding one-note solo by Kent. Caliente!
Away From Here:
Tight, claustrophobic tension filled verses with desert-dry guitar chords give way to expansive, open choruses that shimmer with reverbed depth and machine gun drum fills. Lyrics written and sung by Kent.
Tubular Dreams:
Medium paced ballad starting with a nearly a cappella vocal intro, moving through changes featuring disharmonic guitar chords played simultaneously, giving the otherwise straightforward approach a slightly bent edge. Acoustic slide guitar from Deniz, comes close to folk blues, later electric slide from Kent resolves our path safely back into Beefheart territory.
Rabbits Foot:
Each band member wrote and sang a verse. Verses sung behind loose polyharmonic guitars and polyrhythmic percussion effects. Think: what if Bonzo Dog had a track on Trout Mask Replica. Chief feature: the sound of an electric sander spooling up. Hard rock is fun again! An alternate song title could have been "You're Never Alone With A Multiple Personality Disorder".
Clear Itself:
Straight ahead fast rock with melodic choruses. Like Tubular, the lyrical content deals with personal contacts in another world. Dream or reality? Who knows? For those with inquiring minds, the Boss PN-2 tremolo pan unit is used to good effect, and the guitars and bass resolve in a round, as in Row Your Boat.
Salted Leeches:
Stones-like medium paced guitar rock song which ends up with a free jam at the end. The engineer fortunately let the tape (sorry, hard drive) run. An experiment with less distorted, cleaner guitar sounds.
Saucer Pilot Blues:
The working title was "Yard Cult" 'cause while writing it, the guys thought the song was evolving into something between the Yardbirds and the Blue Oyster Cult. Fairly challenging riff based rock which goes through the changes at a breakneck pace. Deniz and Nik say "don't ask us to do this one live", with good reason. The song could explode at any moment.
Ze Good Way:
Tribal percussion / drum polyrhythms lock horns with a heavy industrial bass riff in the instrumental choruses, contrasting with power chord verses. A late 60's psychedelic inspired guitar solo and one of Deniz' best hard edged vocals to date complete the picture. C'est "in ze good way", mais certainment.
Dave's Insanity:
Some may be put off by Kent's seemingly murderous lyrics, but can you believe this is really about food? The most traditional rock 'n roll song on the album, with searing distorted harmonica, vocal harmonies in the middle 8, and a standard issue Birdman solo. A disrespectful salute to the past.
Written by the entire band from a free-form jam, VMO is a slow droning dirge-like ballad. Lyrically and musically surreal, dreamlike, multilayered, and laced with chilling percussion effects, it's just the thing to drift off to after a heavy dose of insanity.