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The Italian Tour EP '96
Label: Generic (Australia)
Catalogue No: (DTG001)
Format: CD EP (slimline case)
Released: June 1996
Price: $ 12.00
Deniz Tek Group - Italian Tour EP '96
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Specially manufactured by Citadel as a generic release to celebrate the band's July 1996 Italian tour, this EP was mainly sold at shows during the tour. The distribution otherwise was limited to Australia with a small number sold elsewhere. Now a collector's item, the remaining copies can only be purchased by mail-order.
  1. Tubular Dreams (D Tek / K Steedman) (2:57 m:s)
  2. Lunatics At The Edge Of The World (D Tek / N Rieth) (2:17 m:s)
  3. Without A Face * (K Steedman / R Pasquini) (4:02 m:s)
  4. Surf OTB * (J Dickson / K Steedman) (3:06 m:s)
  5. Shellback (D Tek) (3:41 m:s)
  6. VMO (J Dickson / N Rieth / K Steedman / D Tek) (7:46 m:s)
The Musicians
Jim Dickson - Bass  •  Nik Rieth - Drums  •  Kent Steedman - Guitar & Vocals*  •  Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals with Clay Green - Percussion  •  Angie Pepper - Backing Vocals
Recording Details
Produced by Deniz Tek, Kent Steedman and Dave Weyer.  •  Engineered by Dave Weyer  •  Recorded at David Weyer Systems Billings, Montana, 1995  •  Except Shellback - Recorded by Chris Townend at Slaughterhouse Studios, Sydney, 1995
Of Interest
The EP contains three tracks from Le Bonne Route although the version of VMO is an alternative mix by Dave Weyer, independent of Deniz and Kent. The other tracks are Le Bonne Route out-takes and a live demo.

The Italian tour dates listed on the inside of the cover are totally wrong. The Italian promoter completely screwed up, making the tour somewhat of a debacle. The band persevered despite this. The support band on the tour was A10. Their bass player, Romano Pasquini, co-wrote Without A Face and plays in Yage, Kent's Italian outfit.