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Long Before Day
Label: Career Records (USA)
Catalogue No: (CDS-1234)
Format: CD (6 Panel gatefold cardboard sleeve)
Released: May 2022
Price: $ 22.00

  (Autographed Copy)
Deniz Tek - Long Before Day

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With Long Before Day Deniz explores his many influences, drawing on his signature Radio Birdman sound and more evolved vocals as the jumping off point. Taking One For The Team evokes Exile period Stones. Truck and Roll puts Chuck Berry in a semi. Ain’t Gonna (Stand for That) is a revolutionary anthem. Where is a soulful reckoning that the hour is late.

One of the album’s highlights, Speak of Ice is an introspective dreamscape with lyrics inspired by fourteenth century Persian poetry and riffs via Howlin’ Wolf. The nod to country blues is a recurring theme heard throughout the album.

Deniz took advantage of the two year tour hiatus on an Hawaiian coffee farm to compose the carefully constructed guitar arrangements. Anne Tek brought her experience playing live with Deniz to the studio for her recording debut. The two guitars weave through all thirteen songs.

Keith Streng from The Fleshtones trades his guitar for the drums, his first instrument. Deniz’s long time musical partner Bob Brown produced and engineered the album and plays bass. Veteran Texas-based producer Andy “Mort” Bradley mixed Long Before Day, pulling all the elements together.
Tracklisting: (48:43 m:s)
  1. Taking One For The Team
  2. Ballad Of Chief Joseph
  3. Speak Of Ice
  4. Home
  5. Long Before Day
  6. Truck And Roll
  7. 1984 Again
  8. Close To You
  9. Rear View Mirror
  10. You Cry
  11. Mother Earth
  12. Ain’t Gonna (Stand For That)
  13. Where
The Musicians
Deniz Tek – guitars, vocals, harmonica  •   Keith Streng – drums, backing vocals, percussion  •   Anne Tek - guitars  •   Bob Brown – bass