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Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITLP704)
Format: Double LP (gatefold cover)
Issued: March 24th 2023
Price: $ 95.00
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Died Pretty - Live
Recorded at Melbourne's Forum Theatre in February 2008 during the Don't Look Back series of concerts, DIED PRETTY LIVE is the band's first live album.

Don't Look Back, was dedicated to the performance of classic albums and saw the band playing their best selling release Doughboy Hollow from start to finish, following the album's original track listing and includes the highly popular songs D.C., Sweetheart and Godbless. Also featured are a half dozen of the band's other most loved songs that made up the encore.

The vinyl version comes in a full colour gatefold sleeve and contains one bonus track that won't be found on the CD or digital releases. Coming only with mailorder copies is a special double sided cardboard insert (see images below) featuring live pictures of the band.
Died Pretty - LP Insert   Died Pretty - LP Insert
Side 1:
  1. Doused (B Myers / R Peno) (4:18 m:s)
  2. D.C. (S Clark / R Peno / B Myers) (5:05 m:s)
  3. Sweetheart (B Myers / R Peno) (4:21 m:s)
  4. Godbless (J Hoey / R Peno) (4:06 m:s)

Side 2:
  1. Satisfied (B Myers / R Peno) (7:35 m:s)
  2. Stop Myself (B Myers / R Peno) (3:38 m:s)
  3. Battle Of Stanmore (B Myers / R Peno) (2:54 m:s)
  4. The Love Song (B Myers / R Peno) (5:16 m:s)

Side 3:
  1. Disaster (B Myers / R Peno) (5:12 m:s)
  2. Out In The Rain (B Myers / R Peno) (4:04 m:s)
  3. Turn Your Head (B Myers / R Peno) (6:01 m:s)
  4. Blue Sky Day (B Myers / R Peno) (3:47 m:s)
  5. Stoneage Cinderella (B Myers / R Peno / M Atkinson) (3:21 m:s)

Side 4:
  1. Everybody Moves (B Myers / R Peno) (6:09 m:s)
  2. Winterland (B Myers / R Peno) (5:51 m:s)
  3. Whitlam Square (B Myers / R Peno) (5:18 m:s) * Bonus vinyl only track
  4. Final Twist (B Myers / R Peno) (5:48 m:s)
The Musicians
John Hoey - Keyboards  •  Steve Clark - Bass  •  Ronald S Peno - Lead Vocals  •  Chris Welsh - Drums  •  Brett Myers - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Died Pretty - Band on Stage