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My Generation Landslide
Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CIT064)
Format: CD Single (slimline case)
Released: August 2002
Price: $ 10.00
Died Pretty - My Generation Landslide
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This is the final release from the venerable Died Pretty. Three tracks recorded as a token for their farewell shows in Australia during September 2002
Tracklisting: (9:42 m:s)
  1. My Generation Landslide (B Myers / R Peno) (3:24 m:s)
  2. Angles Before (B Myers / R Peno) (3:13 m:s)
  3. Pleased To Meet You (B Myers / R Peno) (3:05 m:s)
The Musicians
Ronald S Peno - Lead Vocals  •  Brett Myers - Guitar & Backing Vocals  •  John Hoey - Keyboards  •  Robert Warren - Bass  •  Simon Cox - Drums
Technical Details
Produced by Wayne Connolly & Died Pretty  •  Recorded at Paradise Studios, Sydney June 2002
Died Pretty Farewell - This Is Just To say Goodbye
It's 2.00 am here at the Citadel office and earlier today I was asked to write a press release about the demise of Died Pretty. I'm still reeling a bit from the notion of life without them. Seems like yesterday they came to us with their first single. That was early in our history too, eighteen years ago in fact. I ask myself. Where did the years go? And what's that something that keeps nagging away at me in the back of my mind.

From a simple beginning Died Pretty embarked on a long journey. I remember their debut album Free Dirt. It was the first proper studio album Citadel released and they promoted it not only here but also "out there" with a riotous world tour lasting five months and taking in NZ, the USA and Europe. Not bad for a band who were perceived as not being able to get a gig outside of inner city Darlinghurst. Glory everywhere except at home. Sadly, not an unusual story as far as our island is concerned.

During the following years the band underwent countless tours, quite a few lineup changes and several worldwide record deals. Ultimately they have realized a catalogue of nine albums, seven of which were with us and offshoot Blue Mosque. At its core is the jewel Doughboy Hollow, an album frequently rated as one of Australia's finest musical works. We're lucky to have shared in such a large part of their story if you want an opinion on that.

And the million dollar question as to why they never really cracked the mainstream? They should have. Many lesser bands have after all. Everyone has an opinion but it's basically a question without a rational answer. They wouldn't waste their time thinking about it or feeling aggrieved by the frequently unjust situations that fell on them. We shouldn't either. We should look at more important things.

Self-belief is a marvelous thing when egoism doesn't control it. Died Pretty as a band were never short of this rare commodity and it sustained them over the years as circumstances frequently changed around them. Lesser bands simply disappeared. Someone once jokingly told me they were just too lazy to break up but the basic truth is the band survived because they believed in themselves and never did anything in the business arena that was patently stupid. It's so simple that it's not obvious. They never sold out either. Just made the records they wanted to make, never taking too much interest in the interests of those paying the bills.

Everyone has been asking me for a one-page band history but a chronology would be a bland exercise. What really matters is Died Pretty were a passionate band who endured several decades with grace and good humour, and entertained us mightily along the way. They should always be close to our hearts for the years and experiences they have given to us.

And that nagging something? From a sermon I read at high school so long ago. Timeless words. Words for now. Words to heed. "Never send to know for whom the bells tolls ... "