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Slide Song
Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CIT056)
Format: CD Single (slimline case)
Released: 1998
Price: $ 8.00
Died Pretty - Slide Song
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The second and final single off Using My Gills, Slide Song is pretty wild being riddled with keyboard distortion most people seem to think is guitar. This release was a limited edition run that was numbered. 1250 only made and it's been deleted. So unless you find one hanging around in a secondhand store ... .
Tracklisting: (8:45 m:s)
  1. Slide Song (B Myers / R Peno) (3:58 m:s)
  2. Empty (B Myers / R Peno) (4:47 m:s)
The Musicians
Ronald S Peno - Lead Vocals  •  Brett Myers - Guitar & Vocals on Empty  •  John Hoey - Keyboards  •  Robert Warren - Bass  •  Simon Cox - Drums
Technical Details
Produced Wayne Connolly & Died Pretty  •  Engineered by Wayne Connolly  •  Recorded at Paradise Studios, Sydney  •  Mixed at Sony Studios, Sydney
Press Release
Died Pretty are firmly back in the public eye after the release of Radio, the first single off their forthcoming new album Using My Gills As A Roadmap. Triple J quickly placed the track on high rotation. Reviews have been unanimous in praise:

"Radio is classic Died Pretty - melodic, warm and understated, with the band's recent tendency for overt dynamics replaced by atmospheric guitars and emotional resonance" ... In*Press Nov '97

"Another classic pop track featuring Ron Peno's sublimely smooth vocals" ... Kate Parsons Sunday Tele Dec '97

Slide Song is the second single off Using My Gills. For those who are waiting for an indication of the new album, this is it. Raucous and wild keyboards underpinned by powerfully concise drumming and spacious guitar. Ron Peno's distinctive vocal style overriding everything, giving the music both life and form. A band ready to stretch out and experiment.

The b-side, Empty, is an album out-take and some will wonder why it didn't end up on the album. Featuring a vocal play off between Peno and guitarist Brett Myers, it is a quieter but nevertheless evocative song that simply didn't fit in. The single is a limited edition release and the run has been numbered.