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Listen Closelier
Label: Off The Hip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7089)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2010
Price: $ 25.00
The Frowning Clouds - Listen Closelier
Five teenagers from Geelong, Australia playing the most authentic sounding garage, beat and R'n'B you'd swear this album was recorded circa 1965. If you have ever listened to the comps; Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Ugly Things or Nuggets then you'll be instantly blown away by this debut album. The Frowning Clouds don't pummel you with fuzz. No, their's is a sadder, more forlorn look at impossible love, teenage angst and rabid yearning.
Tracklisting: (42:05 m:s)
  1. Purple Heart (3:15 m:s)
  2. That Girl's Something Else (4:50 m:s)
  3. Do Like Me (2:38 m:s)
  4. Please Yo' Self (2:46 m:s)
  5. Mean Old Girl (2:22 m:s)
  6. Snake Charmer (2:56 m:s)
  7. I'm Enchanted (3:05 m:s)
  8. She's Gone Away (3:02 m:s)
  9. I Got a Bone for You (3:08 m:s)
  10. She's Mine (3:22 m:s)
  11. I'm Sad (3:23 m:s)
  12. I've Got You (3:11 m:s)
  13. I Saw You (3:07 m:s)