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Both My Parents Love Me
Label: Doublethink (Australia)
Catalogue No: (DTDT16)
Format: 7" Vinyl Single
Released: Sept 2020
Price: $ 20.00
Hard-Ons - Both My Parents Love Me
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On the back of well-deserved critical success of full-length So I Could Have Them Destroyed comes the astonishing 7” Both My Parents Love Me b/w Astral Traveller.

The legendary Doublethink record label (run by the inimitable original Sydney punks The Thought Criminals) restarted its operation once again, to be the home for this power-pop 1-2 punch of a record.

Both tracks are from the So I Could Have Them Destroyed sessions. These songs were kept off the album for a special occasion. The pairing of the Hard-Ons and the mythical Doublethink label is a very special event indeed.

The 7” is housed in a classic blue cardboard fold-over sleeve. The artwork is provided by none other than the original visual artist behind the Thought Criminals, lead singer Bruce Warner.

There are 250 copies available only on mailorder.