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Live At The Hanging Tree
Label: Off The Hip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7130)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: September 2013
Price: $ 25.00
Johnny Casino - Live At The Hanging Tree
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While 'ramblin gamblin man' Johnny was in Spain busy drinking vino,eating chorizo and getting married it occurred to him that now might be the right time to find some Spanish Hermanos to play some rock'n'roll with. So he calls his old pal Julian Marco [Bass-Los Perros - Midnight Woolf] whom calls a friend who is living in Berlin Isidro Rubio [Drums - The Venereans- Wau y Los Arrrghs] and JC calls Aitor Ochoa [Guitar-Soul Gestapo] whom is living in the north and Y Los Secretos is born!

They roar thru 8 shows in a week in Spain and agree to rendezvous in Australia the next year. True to their word Julian, Isidro and Aitor make it to Australia to find JC has booked em 8 shows with a day off in the middle not to see the Harbour Bridge or kangaroos but to go into The Hanging Tree Recording Studios and as JC would put it "see what happens", so with Jeremy Craib [Piano/Keyboards] along for the ride, this release is what happened.

Johnny leads a band with 2 rehearsals and a hand full of shows thru a cracking set of his songs and in just 4 hours recorded live thru old 50's and 60's valve recording equipment to a 2" tape machine we have Johnny Casino Live At The Hanging Tree, the way we reckon its meant to be!
Tracklisting: (41:00 m:s)
  1. Galvaston (J Webb) (2:13 m:s)
  2. Take Me Down To Your River (J Spittles) (4:44 m:s)
  3. Treatin' Me Kind (J Spittles) (3:07 m:s)
  4. Brother Grahame (J Spittles) (2:29 m:s)
  5. Nothing Left To Hide (J Spittles) (5:46 m:s)
  6. Cant Be Who You Want Me To Be (J Spittles) (3:15 m:s)
  7. You Still Got Nothing To Say (J Spittles) (2:19 m:s)
  8. This Christmas Time (J Spittles) (6:08 m:s)
  9. I Am Who I Am (J Spittles) (6:39 m:s)
  10. Cowboys And Indians (J Spittles) (3:40 m:s)