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Trade Winds
Label: Citadel (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITCD596)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: Oct 2018
Price: $ 22.00
Johnny Casino - Trade Winds
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Following up from the 2017 release Time and Time Again, Johnny Casino has completed a new album. Titled Trade Winds, it is Johnny first release on Citadel.

The album began its life after a phone call from Kenny 'Killer' Watt, Johnny's great friend and former member of Asteroid B612. Kenny asked Johnny if he had any new ideas or songs he'd like to record in Fremantle WA. The answer was an emphatic yes!! so Kenny put a band together to record what would become Trade Winds.

The band features drummer Warren Hall (The Volcanics, Datura 4, The Drones), a great organic musician who has been playing with Johnny for many years both live and in the studio and bassist Martyn P Casey (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / The Triffids / Grinderman) whom Johnny had met a few times in his travels and who was impressed by Johnny's acoustic 'sketches' of the songs. Add in some of local Fremantle colour; Dom Mariani (The Stems / DM3 / Datura 4), Greg Hitchcock (The Bamboos / You Am I / The Neptunes), John Phatouros (The Volcanics), Richard Lane (The Stems) plus Sydney's singing sisters Jodi and Carrie Phillis (The Clouds / The Boobytraps) and you have Johnny Casino's Trade Winds.

The album conjures images and reflections of the days, people and places in Johnny's space and time. There is no fiction to be found here and if you know Johnny's records that would not surprise you. Always honest and insightful (even if it hurts and at times it does) this record will make you wanna dance, sing-along or cry. At other times you might feel nervous as you drift off into the sunset and are suddenly hit by a south bound train! "Sonically speaking" this recording is superior to any other album Johnny has recorded.

Recorded in two five day bursts the band would set up on the recording room floor and work on Johnny's songs/ideas from the ground up, trying different feels, tempo's and arrangements until they felt they had the song in its right place. Lovingly recorded by Kenny Watt at Electric City Studio in North Fremantle and then mixed by Kenny at Killerwatt Studios Scarborough, it has been mastered in Detroit by Jim Diamond.
Tracklisting: (34:30 m:s)
  1. Ghosts In Your Mind (John A Spittles) (5:12 m:s)
  2. You Can't Give It Away (John A Spittles) (3:09 m:s)
  3. The Trade Winds (John A Spittles) (4:09 m:s)
  4. Parajos Del Mar (John A Spittles) (4:54 m:s)
  5. Oh Night (John A Spittles) (3:04 m:s)
  6. Temptation (John A Spittles) (3:37 m:s)
  7. Anytime (John A Spittles) (3:58 m:s)
  8. Somewhere Lost In Time (John A Spittles) (6:27 m:s)