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No Room At The Inn
Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITCD569)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: Feb 2013
Price: $ 22.00
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Leadfinger - No Room At The Inn
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Leadfinger is the nome de plume (and band name) for songwriter/guitarist Stewart 'Leadfinger' Cunningham. Born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in the southern NSW city of Wollongong, Cunningham has been a fixture on the Australian underground scene for over 20 years.

Cunningham first plied his guitar-slinger trade in the late 80's with the pre-grunge Proton Energy Pills before heading to Sydney to play in seminal underground guitar bands - Asteroid B-612, Brother Brick and Challenger-7 as well as a stint in Melbourne with The Yes-Men. All of these bands released highly sought after records in Australia and overseas.

After forming Leadfinger in 2006 as a solo project, Cunningham returned to home town Wollongong, recruited some young acolytes to the cause and morphed the project into a classic twin guitar rock n' roll band that to date has released 3 albums and 3 EP's.

February 2013 sees the release of the 4th Leadfinger album No Room at the Inn. Recorded and produced by the band at Sydney's Defwolf Studios and Leadfinger's own Rendezvous Studio, No Room at the Inn revisits classic seventies rock (think Tom Petty, Big Star, Flamin Groovies) without forgetting the band's seminal roots (MC5, Radio Birdman, The Saints). Eschewing modern-day gadgetry and production tricks, the band relied on vintage recording gear and great songs to create an album that could easily be mistaken for a lost seventies masterpiece.

No Room at the Inn is Leadfinger's most complex and strongest album to date with opening track You're So Strange taking listeners on a soul trip to Muscle Shoals via Detroit! Cruel City has the venom lyrics and twisting riffs that give this bitter hometown ode an incendiary pitch whilst Pretty Thing is like hearing a long lost Replacements track, a song that should probably be all over radio like a rash.

Leadfinger will tour the East Coast of Australia with legendary Australian guitarist Deniz Tek in February/March to promote No Room at the Inn before continuing to spread their gospel of righteous and dangerous rock'n'roll to the unconverted heathen masses.
Tracklisting ( 44:05 m:s)
  1. You're So Strange (S Cunningham) (4:32m:s)
  2. It's Much Better(M Boyle / S Cunningham) (3:01m:s)
  3. Gimme The Future (S Cunningham) (3:36m:s)
  4. Cruel City (S Cunningham) (3:59m:s)
  5. The Lonely Road (S Cunningham) (5:04m:s)
  6. The Wandering Man (S Cunningham) (4:30m:s)
  7. Pretty Thing (S Cunningham) (3:00m:s)
  8. The Other Ones (S Cunningham) (5:16m:s)
  9. Segue Three (S Cunningham) (1:22m:s)
  10. No Room At The Inn (S Cunningham) (5:45m:s)
  11. Don't Think Twice (S Cunningham) (4:08m:s)