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Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITCD538)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: November 2001
Price: $ 20.00
The New Christs - Distemper
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After the success of their earlier EPs and singles the band finally recorded this, their debut album. It's a work highly loved by many devotees of rock. The tour of Europe promoting it proved too much for this (perhaps definitive) lineup who thereafter disintegrated.
Tracklisting: ( 50:20 m:s)
  1. No Way On Earth (R Younger) (4:42 m:s)
  2. There's No Time (R Younger) (3:32 m:s)
  3. Another Sin (J Dickson / C Owen / N Fisher / R Younger) (2:23 m:s)
  4. The March (R Younger / C Owen) (5:28 m:s)
  5. The Burning Of Rome (R Younger) (5:14 m:s)
  6. Afterburn (R Younger / C Owen) (4:47 m:s)
  7. Circus Of Sour (R Younger / C Owen) (3:56 m:s)
  8. Coming Apart (R Younger) (2:55 m:s)
  9. Bed Of Nails (J Dickson / R Younger) (6:26 m:s)
  10. Love's Underground (J Dickson / C Owen / N Fisher / R Younger) (4:09 m:s)
  11. Disconnected (J Dickson / R Younger) (6:27 m:s)
The Musicians
Charlie Owen - guitar  •  Jim Dickson - bass  •  Nick Fisher - drum  •  Rob Younger - vocals. Louis Tillett - organ on tracks 1, 5, 10