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Open Your Eyes To Smoke
Label: Citadel (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITLP578)
Format: LP (180g)
Released: 2014

Nunchukka Superfly - Open Your Eyes To Smoke
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To say that the Hard-Ons are an Australian underground rock institution would be an understatement. But did you know that Ray and Blackie, the two mainstays of that said band, have an equally compelling musical troupe in their repertoire?
Tracklisting: (Side 1)
  1. Whimper Through Your Keyhole (2:43 m:s)
  2. Your Get Up And Go Persona Pisses Me Off (6:27 m:s)
  3. Prince Planet (3:23 m:s)
  4. Basically Means Putting Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes (4:53 m:s)

Tracklisting: (Side 2)
  1. Synapses (3:09 m:s)
  2. Doing The Bend (2:42 m:s)
  3. Feel Me Through My Pants (3:06 m:s)
  4. Here Comes Hot Dog Socks (3:38 m:s)
  5. This Song Is Called Stairwell Ghosts (5:05 m:s)
Nunchukka Superfly is not exactly a household name by any stretch of the imagination. But that is all about to hopefully change. Prepare thyself for the aural adventure that is Open Your Eyes To Smoke.

Whereas the Hard-Ons peddled their fine brand of driving punk-metal-pop hybrid, Nunchukka Superfly is an altogether a more psychedelic and, may I say, cryptic musical journey. Encompassing the best elements of experimental rock, psychedelia, jazz, avant-garde, new-wave and pure pop, a trippy meander into musical wonderland has never been so ironically concise and fun and so texturally varied.

Armed to the teeth with assured and brilliant musicianship, Nunchukka Superfly boasts Julien Crendal, a drumming prodigy barely out of his teens, Bristling with sheer innate talent as well as a fine attention to drumming detail, Julien makes a welcome replacement to departed Joel Ellis, who, controversially was asked to leave Nunchukka Superfly when he refused to refer to himself in anything other than third person.

Fittingly, Nunchukka Superfly turned to fabled producer Chris Townend (Portishead, Silverchair, Hard-Ons) to polish off these nuggets, renewing a relationship that stretches back further than twenty years with Blackie and Ray. Chris was the first mixer Nunchukka Superfly employed when they rose from the ashes of the Hard-Ons back in 1994.

Brace yourself for a fantastically explosive yet melodic psychedelic side-trip that is Nunchukka Superfly's Open Your Eyes To Smoke. Available on CD for those who like to spend a lot of time in the car or LP for those who like things flat and wide.

Stephen Ahn (The bassplayer's brother)