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Love Cancer
Label: Truck (Australia)
Catalogue No: (-)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2008
Price: $ 18.00
The Painkillers - Love Cancer
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The Painkillers second album, Love Cancer, features killer songs, guest appearances from some of the country's finest musicians, trash, more trash, and a bit of folk soul for good measure. Love Cancer was produced by Laurie Sinagra and rock'n'roll bad boy Mick Blood (Lime Spiders) and will be a hit with punk, folk and rock souls alike.

The album traverses a range of styles, from raw and powerful garage with James' snarling vocals and Joe's meandering guitar on Rock And Roll Heart, to the blue-grassy feel of the traditional number Gypsy Davy, through to the album's more contemplative and Dylan-esque moments like Hard on a Man.
Tracklisting: (23:24 m:s)
  1. Love Cancer (3:33 m:s)
  2. You're A Girl (2:28 m:s)
  3. Gypsy Davy (3:39 m:s)
  4. Love Will Tear Us Apart (2:32 m:s)
  5. Rock And Roll Heart (1:09 m:s)
  6. Hard On A Man (Remix) (3:45 m:s)
  7. Leave Me Alone (2:03 m:s)
  8. Honey Bees (4:15 m:s)