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Clearly You Didn't Like The Show
Label: Boss Tuneage (UK)
Catalogue No: (BTCD095)
Format: CD (gatefold cardboard wallet)
Released: Sept 2015
Price: $ 18.00
  (Autographed Copy)
Peter Black - Clearly You Didn't Like The Show
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Peter Black is best known by not only his nickname Blackie, but also as the singer / guitarist of Australian pop punk rock legends the HARD-ONS for the past 31 years! Such is Blackie's constant work ethic with his music, that he has amassed tons of extra songs that don't necessarily fit for either HARD-ONS or his other band NUNCHUKKA SUPERFLY. Clearly You Didn't Like The Show is Blackie's fourth solo album, and is released to co-incide with his first ever solo European tour (whilst HARD-ONS take a well earned break after their 30th anniversary world tour last year) which runs from release date through to mid October all across Europe.
Tracklisting: (36:36 m:s)
  1. History Jack (2:30 m:s)
  2. Just For A Second (2:26 m:s)
  3. Freckles (3:34 m:s)
  4. Getting My Good Shirt Out For Court (2:16 m:s)
  5. Hounds Of Hell (3:07 m:s)
  6. This Mightn't Be The Worst Thing That I've Ever Done (2:30 m:s)
  7. Privileged Kids (2:09 m:s)
  8. My Best Means A Lot To Me (3:23 m:s)
  9. Almost Anything (2:17 m:s)
  10. Glowing Creatures (2:17 m:s)
  11. These Lights Are Cooking (2:28 m:s)
  12. Paper Thin (2:21 m:s)
  13. Blankets (2:28 m:s)
  14. Two Syllables (3:01 m:s)