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A Once And Future Thing
Label: Laughing Outlaw (Australia)
Catalogue No: (LORCD-75)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2004
Price: $ 20.00
The Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence - A Once And Future Thing
Associated Releases:   Jim Dickson: Coelum Versus    X: Various Releases
Features Steve Lucas from X with the help of Geoff Holmes (X, Evil Rumours) and Jim Dickson (Radio Birdman, New Christs, Survivors). This quirky release offers up 11 tracks of psychedelic nuggets ala the Small Faces, Kinks, and the Move.
  1. Eight Days A Week (5:40 m:s)
  2. Sleepy Jan (3:40 m:s)
  3. Come Friday Afternoon (5:38 m:s)
  4. Make It Happen (4:09 m:s)
  5. The Icecream Song (5:51 m:s)
  6. Bite The Sun (4:44 m:s)
  7. Love Is A Virus (2:56 m:s)
  8. The One You Love (4:44 m:s)
  9. Bottle Of Gin (3:22 m:s)
  10. Neon And Venom (4:19 m:s)
  11. Don't Cry, No Tears (6:17 m:s)