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All You Want
Label: Pink Flamingo (Australia)
Catalogue No: (PFCD02)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 1994
Pyramidiacs - All You Want
The band's first album - this 12 trackers was released by Pink Flamingo. Long deleted and only found here.
Tracklisting: (43:26 m:s)
  1. Everything (Owen) (3:03 m:s)
  2. All You Want (Susnjara / Owen) (3:35 m:s)
  3. Just Like Me (Owen) (3:25 m:s)
  4. Tuesday's Girl (O'Regan) (2:57 m:s)
  5. Too Far Away (Owen) (4:38 m:s)
  6. Arsehole (Owen) (2:20 m:s)
  7. Piece Of Mind (Owen) (3:14 m:s)
  8. I Believe You (Owen) (3:35 m:s)
  9. Dreaming (Baty / O'Regan) (2:21 m:s)
  10. Can't Keep (Owen) (3:45 m:s)
  11. 13 Women (D Thompson) (6:08 m:s)
  12. The Funter (P Townshend) (3:25 m:s)