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Piece O' Me
Label: Munster (Spain)
Catalogue No: (7221)
Format: Vinyl (7" Single)
Released: 2009
Price: $ 12.00
Soul Movers - Piece O' Me 7"
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Spanish 7" pressing of Deniz Tek's latest side project. Along with vocalist Lizzie Mack it's aiming for a pop/soul audience.
  1. A-side: Piece O' Me (D Tek / L McKenzie)
  2. B-side: Baby I Love You (R Shannon)
Band Bio
Inspired by artists such as Etta James and Julie London, Lizzie sang a sultry Jazz set around the traps in Sydney. She enthralled fans with her riveting stage presence and seductive voice, until around late 2007, when she teamed up with Deniz Tek to pursue a lifelong love of Soul music.

Deniz's hard rocking background with Radio Birdman is well known. In recent years he has also worked with Scott Morgan, soul shouter from Detroit's Rationals. Together they performed numbers like Otis Redding's Respect and Johnnie Taylor's Hijackin' Love to crazed audiences across the USA.

Lizzie and Deniz hammered together a number of songs, with a cover of Aretha Franklin's Baby I Love You and the original Piece O' Me making the final selection for their initial release.

The recording sessions shook the walls at Hothouse Studio, Melbourne in mid 2008. The Memphis-style rhythm section featured Craig Harnath on bass, a veteran producer and player (ex-Kids in the Kitchen), and drummer Brett Wolfenden, whose great playing and attitude more than did justice to the sound of his 60's vintage Ludwig kit. Extra soul power came from Radio Birdman keyboardist Pip Hoyle, kicking the project into top gear and completing the sessions.