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Broken Hearted On The Nullarbor
Label: Off The Hip (Australia)
Catalogue No: (OTH7157)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: July 2016
Price: $ 22.00
The Systemaddicts - Broken Hearted On The Nullarbor
The Systemaddicts are a fun, energetic six piece garage punk group from Adelaide, South Australia. They were formed by original members Liam Convey, guitarist, singer and songwriter and his bass guitarist sister Kaeli when they were still teenagers. They were joined by Jamie Woolaway on organ, Frank Boulden on drums, later replaced by current drummer Elliot Hoskin, their younger brother Rory, on Trombone (who was only 16 at the time), and Tasman Strachan on second guitar. Their style originally was a blend of the hardcore punk that Liam had been doing in his previous teenaged group The Subtitles, with the more sixties influenced keyboard style Jamie was playing with The Molting Vultures.

The Systemaddicts are huge fans of 60s era groups such as The Sonics and The Loved Ones and are also big fans of 70s/80s groups like Magazine, Radio Birdman, The Birthday Party, and The Sunnyboys. Liam Convey draws upon these influences and more when he composes the original tunes the group plays, featuring honest lyrics reflecting the contemporary Australian experience.

The Systemaddicts have self released two previous albums, and have opened for many groups among them The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Members UK, and Spencer P Jones, always putting on a hectic live performance for their energetic following. A fun time is had by all.

Broken Hearted on the Nullabor demonstrates the uniqueness of their sound and fun energy of their live show. It includes covers of Aussie 60s Punk band The Throb's Black as well as My Pal by God, and a range of original tunes much loved by their audience.
Tracklisting: (37:53 m:s)
  1. Christies Beach (3:40 m:s)
  2. My Pal (2:49 m:s)
  3. Nothing I Can Do (2:56 m:s)
  4. Prison (4:44 m:s)
  5. Broken Hearted On The Nullarbor (3:40 m:s)
  6. Sin And Regret (3:58 m:s)
  7. Can I Follow You (3:10 m:s)
  8. Wall Of Time (2:25 m:s)
  9. Black (3:46 m:s)
  10. You Make Me Feel Like (2:54 m:s)
  11. Adelaide City (3:51 m:s)