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The Way They Played
Label: Raven Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (RVCD-03)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 1990s
The Twilights - The Way They Played
Also from The Twilights:   Once Upon A Twilight
This exhaustive 28-track collection presents everything that mattered by the 'downunder Beatles', The Twilights, displaying their superb harmonic blend and fine musicianship over a series of textured, imaginative tracks ranging from searing garage punk through crisp Mod rock to outstanding flowery psychedelia. Lead vocals by Glenn Shorrock, lead guitar and songwriting by Terry Britten. Included are the classic Twilight hits 9.50, Young Girl, The Way They Play, Needle In A Haystack, What's Wrong With The Way I Live? and Cathy Come Home.
Tracklisting: (66:05 m:s)
  1. If She Finds Out
  2. It's Dark
  3. Bad Boy
  4. Baby Let Me Take You Home
  5. Sorry She's Mine
  6. Needle In The Haystack
  7. I Won't Be The Same Without Her
  8. (I'll Be True To You) Yes I Will
  9. You've Got Soul
  10. What's Wrong With The Way I Live?
  11. 9.50
  12. Cathy Come Home
  13. Young Girl
  14. Time And Motion Study Man
  15. The Way They Play
  16. Always
  17. Once Upon A Twilight
  18. What A Silly Thing To Do!
  19. Paternosta Row
  20. Comin' On Down
  21. Lotus
  22. 2,000 Weeks
  23. John Hardy
  24. I'm Not Talking
  25. Bessemae
  26. Mr Nice
  27. Tell Me Goodbye
  28. Bargain Day
Tracks 23 - 28 are bonus tracks