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Oh Crash....
Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CITCD593)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: Aug 18 2017
Price: $ 22.00
The Volcanics - Oh Crash
Also Available:   Transmission (CD)
No hype - just stripped down rock n roll at its best. Perth's Volcanics are back with their fourth studio album. Their sound is their own brand of raw and explosive rock, now notably bolstered by the addition of a second guitarist. Oh Crash, like its predecessors Get A Move On and Transmission has been produced by Radio Birdman's Rob Younger.
Tracklisting: (31:18 m:s)
  1. Natural In A Way (The Volcanics) (2:57 m:s)
  2. Chain (The Volcanics) (2:38 m:s)
  3. Cryin' Feet (The Volcanics) (3:50 m:s)
  4. All The People (The Volcanics) (2:46 m:s)
  5. We Don't (The Volcanics) (1:34 m:s)
  6. Speed On The Track (The Volcanics) (2:34 m:s)
  7. Eyes On A Better Day (The Volcanics) (2:27 m:s)
  8. Circle (The Volcanics) (2:30 m:s)
  9. Underground (The Volcanics) (2:43 m:s)
  10. Empty Rooms (The Volcanics) (3:52 m:s)
  11. Doubt (The Volcanics) (3:27 m:s)
Press Release
The Volcanics formed in Perth's back blocks with a purpose of playing stripped down rock 'n' roll with no hype attached. Inspired by the great local bands that came before them such as The Victims and The Scientists as well as the classic rock sounds of The Stooges, MC5 and AC/DC, the boys from the band have created their own brand of white hot, fuel injected rock n roll.

The Volcanics are known for their raw and explosive live performances and are humbled to have played alongside many great national and international acts including Asteroid B612, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Hellacopters, Celibate Rifles, Mudhoney, The Drones, Radio Birdman, The Saints, The Datsuns, The New York Dolls and You am I, as well as playing at Australia's biggest music festival, the Big Day Out.

The last few years saw The Volcanics bring their rocknroll to Europe, with the band touring the east coast of Australia and Spain in 2014 on the back of the release of their second full length album Get a Move On. Released on the iconic Citadel Records, the album was produced by Rob Younger (Radio Birdman) and mixed by Wayne Connolly at the famous Alberts Studios in Sydney, Australia.

Following this the band was invited to perform on the prestigious Rockpalast Crossroads Festival in Bonn, Germany, which is telecast across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This performance was included in a tour of Germany, France and Spain during which The Volcanics promoted the release of their third full length album, Transmission, also released on Citadel Records. Also produced by Rob Younger and mixed by Wayne Connolly at Alberts Studios, Transmission was another instalment of The Volcanics' fiery rocknroll and received rave reviews throughout Europe and Australia and also saw the band launch the album on the east coast of Australia in 2016 whilst securing the support for Radio Birdman in Melbourne and Adelaide.

More recently The Volcanics have just released album number four Oh Crash.... and launched it to a packed house at the Amplifier Bar in Perth, Western Australia. The band is now getting ready for their third tour of Europe in October 2017 and will be playing shows throughout Spain and France. Look out for Volcanic activity in Europe in October 2017!!