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Barbarellas - Slumber  (CD - $15.00 - jewel case)   more info
Sydney based 90's pop rock outfit. This band wrote great tunes. Slumber is a compile of all their Citadel singles and EPs.
Bertie Page Clinic - Rock & Roll In A G-string  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
Australian Cabaret star Bertie Page heads up this wicked little band of retrograde rockers. This garage punk band combines the best elements of glam rock, punk rock and trash rock, pulled off with a T. Rex / Alice Cooper bent.
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Live! At Sunbury  (CD - $25.00 - digipak)   more info
Recorded at the historic Sunbury Music Festival on Australia Day 1972 by the loudest, hairiest, blues-rock band Australia has ever known. This deluxe reissue (remastered with a 16 page booklet) is a classic slab of rock history.
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Long Live Rock and Roll  (CD - $25.00 - digipak)
Five tracks recorded live at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl Moomba concert and 3 tracks live from Melbourne Festival Hall in 1972. Approximately 70 minutes of music.
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Aztecs Live  (CD - $25.00 - digipak)
This remastered album reissue comes with seven bonus tracks that are mainly their three Havoc singles. Approximately 78 minutes of music.
Bluebottle Kiss - Patient  (CD - $15.00 - jewel case)   more info
This Sydney band put together all the components that defined their sound into this powerful release. A hybrid of strong dynamics, soulful intensity, subtle experimentation and ever-present melody.
Busymen - Distort All Levels  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
The Busymen have been spellbinding audiences with their singular take on 60s punk and rock & roll. The band cut their teeth in Brisbane's gutter rock scene of the late 90s combining beat, proto-punk, blues and feedback you can dance to it.
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