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Garry Gray & the Sixth Circle - Diamond in the Forehead  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
All star lineup featuring Sacred Cowboy's Garry Gray on vocal plus Spencer P. Jones, Tex Napalm Rob Wellington, Angela Howard and Graeme David Ward. It is a rock record. That is most likely about all the information you need. The rest is up to you.
Green Circles - Mr Cocking's Descent  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
In a daring public exhibition in 1837, Mr Robert Cocking released his parachute and promptly launched himself into eternity. In 2013 the Green Circles launched their fourth album Mr Cocking's Descent.
Green Circles - Tavistock Street  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
"The Green Circles have more hooks than a piranhas' mouth." - Shindig (UK). This is the third album of mod, power pop and psych subtlety from these Adelaide upstarts.
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