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Jim Dickson- Coelum Versus  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case - autographed)   more info
Not an immediately recognizable name perhaps, but Jim has been a long time contributor to the Australian and international Indie music scene. His career as a bass player has spanned 40 years from the early days of 70's punk in Brisbane with the Survivors to most recently touring the world as a member of Radio Birdman.
Jim Dickson- Coelum Versus  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case - NOT autographed)   more info
As above but not autographed.
Jim Rockfords - Moving At The Speed Of Sound  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
Their debut 11 track album is hard edged garage punk with a swag of songs full of regret, loss and booze filled redemption - maximum R&B crossed with boogie woogie heaviness. Think Coloured Balls mixed with the Supersuckers.
Joeys Coop - Service Station Flowers  (CD - $20.00 - digipac)   more info
Service Station Flowers tells tales of fractured family, loss, the oddities of 21st century life, the burdens of overleveraged real estate, mid life existential angst, memories of landscape lost and mediations on the lives of friends gone wrong. Features Died Pretty's Brett Myers and Decline of the Reptiles' Mark Roxburgh.
Johnny Casino - Live At The Hanging Tree  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
Casino's latest is a live recording at Sydney's Hanging Tree Studios. Fans of the man will know what to expect...
Johnny Casino's Easy Action - I Paid For Affection  (CD - $20.00 - jewel case)   more info
Exciting second album from this Sydney/Philadelphia supergroup led by Johnny Casino, aka John Spittles of Asteroid B-612. This is a mighty rock'n'roll combo
Johnny Casino's Easy Action - We've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know  (CD - $30.00 - jewel case)   more info
This 11 tracker is a scorching rock'n'roll record full of blistering guitar workouts, diverse vocals that range from soulful to menacing and a rhythm and groove that just won't quit. Members from Asteroid B-612, Rancid Vat (Philadelphia) and The Egos (Melbourne).
Johnny Casino & The Secrets - I Am Who I Am, Not Who You Want Me To Be  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
Johnny Casino again demonstrates his basic philosophy - to invoke and celebrate the intrinsic beauty of the rock'n'roll form.
Johnny Casino & The Secrets - Live On 3PBS  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
Johnny Casino And The Secrets delivered an inspired live set on Sunglasses After Dark in December 2008 for Melbourne's renowned Radio 3PBS during their Live To Air week. Yep, captured live, in one take, 10 cracking tunes.
Johnny Casino & The Secrets - New Clothes Old Shoes  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
Whether it's driving down the highways that lead to the Motor City, taking a meandering journey through the cactus plants of Joshua Tree, or giving thanks at the altar of Motown, Johnny Casino refuses to sit back and follow the well worn path.
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