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Radio Birdman - Ritualism  (CD - $15.00 - jewel case)   more info
This Live In The Studio recording was made during their 1996 reformation tour. It features 10 classic and 2 previously unrecorded songs. This is the jewel case version.
Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach  (CD - $15.00 - jewel case)   more info
25 years since Living Eyes and then this. It was simply amazing that a band could rally and come up with a record this good. Most long term fans seem distressed on the first play but don't worry - a few more spins and you will come to the same conclusion as us.
The Reprobettes - Self Titled  (CD - $25.00 - jewel case)   more info
"The Reprobettes knocked my socks off because they have such a unified aesthetic, a bit of surf, a bit of country, a bit of garage, they reminded me of the B52's wrapped up in Wanda Jacksons teenage delinquent attitude" Dave Whip - Tonedeaf
Rosemary Beads - Breath / I'll Come When I'm Good and Ready  (CD EPs - $12.00 - slimline cases)   more info
From Perth, this three piece had all the makings of a class act. They could be atmospheric or rock out depending on their inclination. Their only two EPs now come bundled together.
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