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Visitors - The Visitors  (CD - $20.00 - jewel case)   more info
Long awaited reissue of this classic post Birdman album. The tracks have been remastered and wrapped up in a twelve page booklet of liner notes and band pics. Essential for those who love all things Birdman.
Volcanics - Oh Crash  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
No hype - just stripped down rock n roll at its best. Perth's Volcanics are back with their fourth studio album. Their sound is their own brand of raw and explosive rock, now notably bolstered by the addition of a second guitarist. Oh Crash, like its predecessors Get A Move On and Transmission has been produced by Radio Birdman's Rob Younger.
Volcanics - Transmission  (CD - $22.00 - jewel case)   more info
Third album from the Perth rockers. The band have concocted their own brand of white hot, fuel injected rock 'n' roll and are now becoming well known for their raw and explosive live performances.
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