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Stomp On Tripwires
Label: Love Police (Australia)
Catalogue No: (LPRT001)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2007
Price: $ 15.00
The Cops - Stomp On Tripwires
Cops Music is a sound all of it's own. A schizophrenic mess of grandiose guitars, cheap electronics and precision drilled ensemble performance. They got scuzz, they got funk, they got a huge cultural vacuum cleaner sucking up all manner of disparate fragments into the whirling vortex of their, already bulging, rock'n'roll dustbag.

I think the noted rock historian, R. Clelland of Newtown summed it up best when he stated that Cops lead singer, Cartel, was a perfect blend of swivel hipped groover and bespectacled nerdo, a man equally at home in front of fruity loops as he is striding the stage beating seven shades of crap out his superfunk brand cowbell. It is this that makes Cops Music so wonderful; from the torrential guitar downpour of Foxtrot Yankee to the arch electronica of She Sleeps With Guns, their debut album Stomp On Tripwires pushes rock'n'roll onto the dancefloor without resorting to the sweaty aerobics music that a lot of rock bands do when they discover the funk.

Cops Music is sophistication as seen through a haze of cigarette smoke, cheap booze and even cheaper amphetamines, it's a teenage life spent listening to records and making a note of the hairstyles and it's a traveling party coming to dullsville to brighten the place up a bit. The Cops follow their own path, nobody told them what record to make they just holed up in a vault out west and this is the end result: a miasma of sound that ain't afraid of nothin'. Ladies and gentlemen you have been warned
Tracklisting: (46:17 m:s)
  1. SPOC (1:41 m:s)
  2. Foxtrot Yankee (2:41 m:s)
  3. Cop City Music (4:15 m:s)
  4. Rectify (3:13 m:s)
  5. Be My Lover (3:20 m:s)
  6. Dirty Little Rebel (2:37 m:s)
  7. Mr Pretty Thing (3:22 m:s)
  8. Wallet/Puffer/Smokes/Keys (4:10 m:s)
  9. Street Panther (3:18 m:s)
  10. Don't Fuck With My Sugar (2:53 m:s)
  11. She Sleeps With Guns (4:07 m:s)
  12. The Shake (2:17 m:s)
  13. Treat You Like A Dog (2:07 m:s)
  14. Cobra Nights (3:23 m:s)
  15. Fisticuffs (2:53 m:s)
Track By Track
SPOC: a perfectly good song held up to the cracked mirror of the cops' twisted reflections. scared, excited and droning, this song is best played backwards.
Foxtrot Yankee: frustration, heavy guns, heavy *unts, black hawks down and no Eric Bana in sight. urgent energy, hard hitting fast rock and roll.
Cop City Music: politicians, crystal balls, cockroaches, cheese and heartbreak mondo electro blues ... .and if you think my songs are shallow, well hey, now now, you can stick it up the arse of my cowbell honey. Shit-hop at it's finest.
Rectify: in a heated room, just like a basement, people dream and wonder into hell bent gun toting fury ... for the family, for the fun, for rock & roll. step into every raid movie ever made and marvel at how a Beatle feels right at home in the ensuing fast psyche, drum mach beatin' madness.
Be My Lover: unleashed like a speed-fed terrorist on a drinks hijack at 36000 ft, Be My Lover is desperation. love calls made in dangerous situations. cross-saw guitars and some Sydney cookie ... .I need both of them. l-l-l-lover.
Dirty Little Rebel: from the lonesome geetar ponce to the jangle of the yearning chorus, observe the lyrical and musical transformation of a dragonfly to a bat to well, a, soda pop suckin' suited creature of sin.
Mr Pretty Thing: sometimes love songs are not direct enough when the truth is that the boy wants to get laid. just come out and say it, and your getting it. it's natural, it's mechanical, it gives me the shakes. babycakes!
Wallet/Puffer/Smokes/Keys: try leaving home without those four words after listening. wah wah, hacienda led, throbbing and the righteous cowbell.
Street Panther: no, no, no ... .I cannot resist. falsetto, keyboard technology sounds like submarines sometimes, or at least music under water. has busting your balls ever sounded so sweet? summers will never be the same with or without the tops down, or off.
Don't Fuck With My Sugar: tough talk.
She Sleeps With Guns: so take the wheel and drive, a Valiant whatever, go biblical, take a gun from her rack, she sleeps with guns. beware of this person. it is infectious, it is old and not that old and there's scrathing too! and some very funky kazoo, and guns.
The Shake: do it now, you already know it. you gotta be there when they count all the dues. ooh ooh. shake a bit. shake a load out ... .golden nugget riffs, cars and money.
Treat You Like A Dog: sounds like those poodles may have been tied up after all. how a song about a twisted old guy can rock so hard whilst commenting on skeletons in closets is beyond me ... but not THE COPS.
Cobra Nights: move your pants to a brand new sweat with this upbeat, wailin momma riff-a -rama mover. when you roll, yes you roll. hot snakes, high steaks, hot plates, high stains ... whatever. Soultrain!!! makes me feel so high.
Fisticuffs: we have traveled in airplanes, hot rods, stolen machines, slept with guns, deployed guns, used, broken, but we'd trade it all for a good time. peace man. carpark now ... .for a spliff bro ... .with Cassandra.