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Label: Generic (Australia)
Catalogue No: (n/a)
Format: CD (cardboard sleeve)
Released: May 2013
Price: $ 12.00
DM3 - Live
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Limited edition release of the band playing their set at the Roskilde Festival Denmark in 1994. The band will be playing some dates this June and will be selling it at shows otherwise only here.

Australia: May 30th: Northbridge (Mustang Bar) • May 31st: Perth (Devilles Pad) • June 1st: Fremantle (Clancy's Fish Pub) • June 2nd: Fremantle (Newport Hotel)
Italy: June 5th: Torino (Maglio Cocktail Bar) • June 6th: Rivoli (Maison Musique) • June 7th: Cesena (Sidro Live Club) • June 8th: Trento (Ciclamino Beat Festival) • June 9th: Verbania (La Loggia Del Leopardo) • June 10th: Milano (Cantu - 1 e 35 Circa) • June 11th: Condove (Tromp Cafe)
France: June 13th: Paris (Le Gibus - with Guitar Wolf)
Spain: June 15th: Andoain (Andoaingo Rock Jaialdia Festival)
Tracklisting: (50:40 m:s)
  1. Intro (0:30 m:s)
  2. Speed Freak (D Mariani) (4:30 m:s)
  3. Please Don't Lie (D Mariani) (4:07 m:s)
  4. Can't Get What You Want (D Mariani / D Mather) (4:34 m:s)
  5. Take It All (D Mariani) (3:44 m:s)
  6. Dead Stars (D Mariani) ( 3:23 m:s)
  7. Far From Here (D Mariani) (4:43 m:s)
  8. Never Be Friends (D Mariani / J Matthews) (3:00 m:s)
  9. Soultop (D Mariani) (5:12 m:s)
  10. Know You Now (D Mariani / D Mather) (3:53 m:s)
  11. One Time, Two Times Devastated (D Mariani) (5:55 m:s)
  12. Move Me (D Mariani / J Matthews) (3:39 m:s)
  13. Come And Get It (Paul McCartney) (3:34 m:s)