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Label: Citadel Records (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CIT054)
Format: CD Single (slimline case)
Released: 1994
Price: $ 10.00
DM3 - Soultop
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The first single off the Road To Rome album was orchestrated entirely in Perth in a rush to get something out while the album was being completed in America. The album mixes were subsequently regarded as erratic by the band and most were remixed later leaving this single stranded high and dry. As usual a great little pop a-side by Mariani.
Tracklisting: (11:46 m:s)
  1. Soultop (D Mariani) (4:59 m:s)
  2. TV Sound (D Mariani / D Mather) (3:33 m:s)
  3. Making Time (Pickett / Phillips) (3:14 m:s)
The Musicians
Dom Mariani - Guitar & Vocals  •  Pascal Bartolone - Drums  •  Tony Italiano - Bass
Also: Bob Patient - Keyboards on track 1  •  Dipaunka McRides - Congas on track 2
Recording Details
Produced by DM Three  •  Engineered by Toni Italiano and Ben Glatzer  •  Recorded at Pet Rock and Revolver Studios Perth  •  Mixed at Revolver Studios
Press Release
Just when you thought you'd woken up from the pop dream, DM3 lull you back into a state of rocking bliss with their new single Soultop. Dripping with the kind of guitar crunch and pop melody you've been fixing for, Soultop continues Dom Mariani's tradition of exceeding himself by finding new niches within the pop song-writing form.

Soultop also features the inimitable keyboard talents of Perth blues stalwart Bob Patient, providing the already unbeatable DM3 sound with another enthralling dimension.

Backing up Soultop are two tracks that will have you reeling. TV Sound sees Mariani collaborating once again with his Someloves partner Darryl Mather, with the usual excellent results. Digging into the treasure chest, DM3 have also resurrected The Creations 60's classic Making Time, stamping their identity on an already great song.

Don't be left out, dive into DM3's new release. Take the pop thing to the limit and love it.