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Zeno Beach
Label: Crying Sun (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CSR002)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: June 2006
Price: $ 15.00
Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach (album)
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25 years since Living Eyes and then this. It was simply amazing that a band could rally and come up with a record this good. Most long term fans seem distressed on the first play but don't worry - a few more spins and you will come to the same conclusion as us.
Tracklisting: (46:43 m:s)
  1. We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today) (R Younger / D Tek) (3:45 m:s)
  2. You Just Make It Worse (R Younger / J Dickson / D Tek) (2:53 m:s)
  3. Remorseless (D Tek) (3:41 m:s)
  4. Found Dead (D Tek) (3:43 m:s)
  5. Connected (D Tek) (3:03 m:s)
  6. Die Like April (D Tek) (3:09 m:s)
  7. Heyday (R Younger / D Tek) (4:20 m:s)
  8. Subterfuge (R Younger / D Tek) (3:26 m:s)
  9. If You Say Please (R Younger / C Masuak) (3:04 m:s)
  10. Hungry Cannibals (D Tek / C Masuak / J Dickson) (3:21 m:s)
  11. Locked Up (D Tek) (3:48 m:s)
  12. The Brotherhood of Al Wazah (P Hoyle) (5:30 m:s)
  13. Zeno Beach (P Hoyle) (2:55 m:s)
The Musicians
Rob Younger - Lead Vocals  •  Deniz Tek - Guitar  •  Chris Masuak - Guitar  •  Pip Hoyle - Keyboards  •  Jim Dickson - Bass  •  Russell Hopkinson - Drums
Studio Details
Produced by Deniz Tek with Greg Wales  •  Engineered by Greg Wales  •  Recorded at BJB Studios Surry Hills December 2005  •  Mixed at The Vault, Balmain - Feb 2006
Press Release
The name and iconic symbol of Radio Birdman evoke many images for those who know and love Australian rock music. Some memories good, some bad, but never a compromise. A legend it is said. But it's time now to look forward, not back. The future of Radio Birdman is here ... today. What't that mean? The band have release their first album of new material in twenty five years - Zeno Beach.

Recorded in Sydney last December by Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek and engineer Greg Wales, Zeno Beach has a depth not found on earlier recordings. The raucous guitar and fluid keyboards are still there layered under Rob Younger's trademark vocals and underpinned by a relentlessly driving rhythm section powered by latest recruit Russell Hopkinson. The sound is rich and more complex.

Released locally on the band's own Crying Sun Records through Shock distribution, the songs on Zeno Beach are more collaborative than on previous albums where compositions were invariably penned by Tek. With vocalist Younger and guitarist Chris Masuak having successfully fronted their own groups since the initial break-up, it is not surprising they have contributed towards the writing, as have both keyboardist Pip Hoyle and bass player Jim Dickson.

Exploring new directions, Die Like April brings to mind LA's Love while Hungry Cannibals is prime 60's garage punk. Coming from somewhere else altogether the moody and keyboard driven The Brotherhood of Al Wazah merges into the closing track, the surf inspired Zeno Beach. This is a paradoxical album in many ways.

None of this is to imply that Zeno Beach is not quintessentially a rocker. Tracks like We've Come So Far (to be here today), You Just Make It Worse, Remorseless and Locked Up show a high energy rock 'n' roll band at its best and belting it out.

Radio Birdman, are one of Australia's great rock bands, as powerful today as they were in the 70's. To accompany the release of Zeno Beach, the band will confirm their stature as they blaze across Australia this July/August on a five week national tour. They will then embark on a 30 date overseas jaunt to promote local releases of the album in the US and Europe.