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Laying Down Law
Label: Citadel (Germany)
Catalogue No: (CGAS806)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 1989
Price: $ 20.00
The Wreckery - Laying Down Law
The Wreckery hailed from Melbourne and had recorded quite a few albums before ending up on Citadel for what turned out to be their last album. Mainman Hugo Race went on to pursue a career in Germany while Nick Barker had a quite successful run as a pub rock idol.
Tracklisting: (45:30 m:s)
  1. The Understudy (H Race) (5:19 m:s)
  2. Kickdown (H Race / E Clayton-Jones) (4:39 m:s)
  3. Holy Honey (H Race) (3:50 m:s)
  4. I Can't Say (R Casinader) (4:23 m:s)
  5. The First Lesson (H Race) (5:16 m:s)
  6. Laying Down Law (H Race) (5:40 m:s)
  7. Fall In Love With A Victim (H Race) (5:04 m:s)
  8. Good To Be Gone (H Race) (3:24 m:s)
  9. Two Wings (H Race) (4:03 m:s)
  10. Bending The Bars (H Race) (3:35 m:s)
The Musicians
Hugo Race - Vocals & Guitars  •  Robin Casinader - Drums, Piano, Organ & Violin  •  Nick Barker - Bass/Guitars & B. Vocals  •  Edward Clayton-Jones - Bass/Guitars with Peter Jones - Drums  •  Charles Todd - Alto & Baritone Sax  •  Chris Wilson - Harmonica