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Screamin' Stevie's Australia
Just Want To Be Friends
Label: Turkeyneck (Australia)
Catalogue No: (TN19)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: 2010
Price: $ 22.00
Screamin' Stevie's Australia - Just Want To Be Friends
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This debut nine track album from Screamin Stevie's Australia will win friends across all genre barriers and divides. Encompassing garage to blues to psychedelia and beyond, it naturally features Screamin Stevie's trademark grinding organ attack.

Since the hiatus of his previous group The Credit Union, Stevie has assembled a group featuring Brian Mann on guitar ( Screaming Tribesmen / The Headstones), Jack Mulroney on bass (Purple Avengers) and Russell Smith on drums and percussion (Mystery of Sixes). They have come together playing with likes of The Stems, Pineapples From the Dawn of Time, Mick Hadley and the Others and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
Screamin' Stevie's Australia
Screamin' Stevie Zillman - Vocals, Organ, Harmonica  •  Brian Mann - Guitar  •  Jack Mulroney - Bass  •  Russell Smith - Drums
Screamin' Stevie's Australia - Just Want To Be Friends Back Cover
Tracklisting: (32:17 m:s)
  1. 12 Hours A Day (3:59 m:s)
  2. Rock N Soul (3:48 m:s)
  3. She Just Wants To Be Friends (5:08 m:s)
  4. You Know That I Love You (3:07 m:s)
  5. I Like It (3:46 m:s)
  6. Touch The Sky (2:27 m:s)
  7. Twisted Twist (3:30 m:s)
  8. Long Gone (3:00 m:s)
  9. Done Me Wrong (3:32 m:s)