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On The IN Side
Label: Cool Time (Australia)
Catalogue No: (CTR001)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Released: Sept 2009
Price: $ 15.00
Soul Movers - On The IN Side
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In 2007 singer Lizzie Mack teamed up with guitarist/songwriter Deniz Tek to pursue their lifelong love of Soul music. Together, they formed Soul Movers, a group dedicated to playing a unique blend of 60's Beat and Memphis R&B styled Soul.
Tracklisting: (37:12 m:s)
  1. Stickin' Around (McKenzie / Tek) (2:55 m:s)
  2. Baby I Love You (Shannon) (2:42 m:s)
  3. Slip In Mules (Davis / Higgenbotham) (2:38 m:s)
  4. Not With Her (McKenzie / Tek) (3:20 m:s)
  5. Dead (Dillard / Huffman) (2:59 m:s)
  6. Gotta Run (McKenzie / Tek) (3:58 m:s)
  7. Hold Me (McKenzie / Tek) (3:27 m:s)
  8. Few Good Reasons (McKenzie / Tek) (2:49 m:s)
  9. Low And Slow (McKenzie / Tek) (3:05 m:s)
  10. Change (McKenzie / Tek) (2:49 m:s)
  11. Piece O' Me (McKenzie / Tek) (3:26 m:s)
  12. Krazy Kats (McKenzie / Tek) (3:12 m:s)